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Universities Look to the Metaverse to Provide Students With Enhanced Learning Experiences

Ten US-based universities, as well as the International Space University, are turning to the metaverse to conduct virtual lectures and immersive educational experiences using VR.

As the metaverse continues to be leveraged for events such as virtual music concerts or fashion shows, the education sector is now looking at using its immersive capabilities to enhance the learning experiences of students.u00a0

There are 10 US-based universities currently interested in the metaverse; Morehouse College, University of Kansas School of Nursing, New Mexico State University, South Dakota State University, West Virginia University, University of Maryland Global Campus, and Southwestern Oregon Community College.u00a0

Each, with the help of VictoryXRu2019s EngageVR platform, is creating u2018metacampusesu2019 wherein students can attend virtual classes via computers or Meta Guests 2 VR headsets.u00a0

In attending the classes, students will be able to be transported to educational contexts which were previously unavailable before the introduction of smart terminal technology. This means they will be able to be taken back in time for history trips, shrunken to the size of an ant to then virtually explore the human body, or taken to the moon via a virtual rocket for aerospace classes.

Staying on the topic of rockets, the International Space University is another tertiary educational institute looking into Web3 tech, as it has begun delivering lectures in the metaverse through its partnership with Metavisionaries.u00a0



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