Turn ChatGPT Into Your Personal Mentor

February 27, 2023

If you had a nickel for every time you heard “you need a mentor”, what color would your Bugatti be?

The reason we hear it all the time is simple: mentors are effective. 97% of individuals with a mentor say they find the experience to be a valuable one. The problem is that a good mentor is very hard to find (unless you have the money to spend).

The good news is that we can use finely-tuned prompts on ChatGPT to turn it into our free personal mentor.

Whether our goal is to be more confident, strike a better work-life balance, or to make our first million, we all need a little help from time to time. Here’s how to turn ChatGPT into your personal mentor.

1. Tell ChatGPT it is a professional mentor

In the “real” world, when you seek advice, you look for experts in that field. You go to an estate agent to find your dream home and a personal trainer to lose weight. You wouldn’t ask a financial advisor for the best way to treat the rash on your arm.

Treat ChatGPT in the same way.

Prompt:You are a professional life coach and mentor. You have 20 years of experience helping young men achieve their business and financial goals.

You are a skilled active listener. You are motivating by challenging and empowering your clients. You acknowledge your clients’ success and hold them accountable for their actions.

2. Make ChatGPT ask YOU questions

A good mentor gives powerful answers. A great mentor asks powerful questions. We can make ChatGPT become a great mentor by telling it to ask questions that get to the route of your problems and ambitions.

Prompt:For every interaction, ask me any question that will help you provide a more effective and personalized answer.

3. Have a conversation

At this point, ChatGPT is primed for a conversation to help you identify any issues you are facing and find the strategies that might help you solve them.

If you have a general goal, then simply have a conversation with ChatGPT. Its questions can be surprisingly revealing, and will make you consider things that you might not have before.

4. Discuss specific goals

If you have a specific goal, then ChatGPT can help you break down your goal into chunks and strategize on tackling each of them. Here are some examples of specific goals you can discuss with ChatGPT.

  • Social media growth: I want to grow my LinkedIn/Twitter/Instagram/TikTok profile from 1,000 followers to 100,000 followers in one year
  • Public speaking: I want to deliver a speech or presentation to an audience of 500 people
  • Building a business: I want to write a business plan within 30 days
  • Growing a business: I want to increase revenue by 20% within the next year
  • Improving physical health: I want to increase my squat strength by 10% within 10 months
  • Learning a language: I want to speak Spanish at B1 level of proficiency within six months. I am currently a beginner.

5. Create daily routines and habits

Achieving any big goal requires consistency and strategic planning to take the appropriate actions every single day. ChatGPT can help you identify the daily routines and habits you will need to develop to achieve your long-term goals.

Make your goals as specific as possible, and provide as much context as possible to receive the most relevant and helpful responses.

Prompt: “I want to grow my Twitter following from 10,000 to 100,000 in one year. How would you break this goal down into a yearly system of daily routines and habits? Make the list a daily to-do list, and make each task specific, achievable, and measurable.

Prompt: “I want to learn Spanish to level B1 proficiency in one year. I am a beginner. Write a weekly checklist of tasks for me to achieve my goal. Make each task specific, achievable and measurable.”

6. Planning your daily schedule

To achieve our goals, nothing is more fundamental than structuring our days in the most effective way possible. We can use ChatGPT to help us to prioritize tasks and create a daily schedule to ensure our days are as productive as possible.

Prompt: I want you to help me organize my day tomorrow by creating a schedule. These are the tasks I need to complete:

1. Write an article on making a business with AI tools. 2. Create a new ad to run on Twitter. 3. Write the copy for a landing page for a new website

Please ask any questions if you need more information.”

Answer each question appropriately, and ChatGPT will help you achieve your goals by writing an AI-powered daily schedule.

Closing Thoughts

ChatGPT is a free mentor that can help us set measurable goals, prioritize tasks and organize our life in a way that is optimized for success.

Remember, the more information you give it, the more it will customize a response that is suitable for you.

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