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Trust Wallet Onboards Polygon NFTs

Cryptocurrency wallet Trust Wallet has added support for Polygon-based NFTs. Users will be able to leverage their Trust Wallet accounts to manage Polygon NFTs alongside assets from other blockchains.

Cryptocurrency wallet Trust Wallet has added support for digital collectibles minted and hosted on Polygon, the layer two decentralised scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain.

The addition will allow users to store, buy, and sell Polygon NFTs directly from Trust Wallet accounts connected to NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, Rarible, and WAX. In addition, Trust Walletu2019s distinct function of allowing users to buy, swap, and stake virtual assets directly on the app will also apply to Polygon-based NFTs.

Ultimately, all Polygon-based assets will be able to be stored and managed in Trust Wallet accounts alongside assets from other blockchains. This means that users can manage diverse portfolios of tokens from within one platform instead of spreading them across different crypto exchanges.

Adding Polygon-based NFTs to the ever-popular Trust Wallet ecosystem is forecast to benefit the Polygon NFT ecosystem as a whole. In general, network effects will help bolster their popularity, prevalence, and overall development.



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