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 May 24th, 2022

Presale – May 24th,
11:20 am EST

Public Sale – May 24th, 03:20 pm EST



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Trial Subject (WL) are guaranteed 1 mint 

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Shaman (VIP) 3 mints

What is Trippin Ape Tribe?

Trippin’ Ape Tribe is a community-focused NFT project on Solana, backed by strong and ownable branding, hilarious storytelling, innovative lore-based utility, and a passionate community of free-thinking degens. The goal of Trippin’ Ape Tribe is to build the most tight-knit and empowered community ever seen on the Solana blockchain.


According to the team, the roadmap for the Trippin Apes Tribe is unconventional in terms of what’s included, how it will be shared with their community. Below is a copy of the direction in which the project is headed. The full version of “Chorles’s Journal” can also be downloaded by clicking here.


The core team behind Trippin Ape is doxxed, and many well-known figures in the NFT space including the Hydra Launchpad team, SOL Big Brain, Doc Hollywood, and more. Listed below is information about the team which can be found on the Trippin’ Ape Tribe’s official website.

Lysergic (Co-Founder) – “Electronic music festival owner and director with humble beginnings. Branding and team building expert. Captain of the party and full-blown NFT degen. 2017 bag holder and crypto winter survivor. May have tried psychedelics once…”

Danny Devitoken (Co-Founder) – “Full-time degen and ex-psychonaut. Man of many passions. Experienced in a wide range of different industries with the ability to adapt and apply a variety of experiences to solve complex problems. Maestro of trial and error.”

FIG (Artist) – “Career artist with a cult-like following in the festival scene, making his first foray into NFTs. Materializes all our psychedelic dreams into vivid color.”

Fenrus (Marketing Lead) – “Master of persuasion. Serial side hustler. Built brand strategies and engagement programs for several 8-figure clients. Once got eaten alive by a mountain lion and reborn as an eagle soaring through the desert… or was that a dream?”

King Kulbik (Community Manager) – “Hype machine and man of the Tribe. Front-end developer to pay the bills, vibe generator to feed his passion. Chorles appointed him to lead the Tribe to salvation, and now he has a fan club. Don’t ask him. He just trusts the process.”

Top10BrisketRecipes (Developer) – “Tokenomics savant and ritual game theorist. Used to run consumer software businesses at a FAANG company. A true NFT degen living by a simple rule: I see Ape, I Ape. Web3 and taco maxi.”

Mr. Hankey (Developer) – “Builder with 4+ years of programming experience. Jams on everything from websites and mobile apps to IoT. Devolved into a full-time shitcoin and NFT degen over the last year and accumulated extensive knowledge in the space.”


Bullish case

Trippin’ Ape Tribe has built up an incredible amount of hype and demand for their NFT which is apparent when looking at their number of Twitter followers which is more than 391.4k at the time of writing. Not only do they have an incredible cult-like following, but the team has also managed to do a great job developing their own hilarious and unique story behind their NFT collection. The Trippin’ Ape Tribe is currently second to none when it comes to marketing and the amount of engagement they are receiving. For example, their last WL giveaway post had 82.1k likes, 82.4k retweets, and 61.1k comments which easily blows any competition out of the water. The artwork and concept behind this NFT collection have also been extremely well received by the NFT community which is apparent in the level of engagement they have received on their posts (a photo is included below for reference).


There are not many reservations at this time. The team is working with experienced devs and influencers on the Solana blockchain so there are little to no smart contract-related concerns. It is no question whether or not this question will be able to sell out. The question is, will this team be able to deliver on their promises to one day become “one of the most tight-knit and winning communities” on the Solana blockchain? The answer to that question remains to be seen as only time will tell. For now, this is one of the projects everyone and their baby mamas should try to mint if they could.

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