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Tribe3 Launches Gamified NFT Futures DEX

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Have you ever wanted to buy into a top-tier NFT project like Bored Ape Yacht Club but not had sufficient capital? I mean, how many people have a spare 60 ETH lying around?

Well, Tribe3 might have just come up with the solution. 

Tribe3 is a gamified NFT futures exchange where users can trade NFT perpetual futures with leverage. What that means is, you can bet on whether you think the price of a particular NFT collection will go up or down.

So, if you have high conviction that the Bored Ape floor price is going to go up, you could bet 1 ETH (or any other amount) that the price will go up. It allows you to partake in the success of the project without actually having to cough up the entire purchase price of the NFT. 

Short floor prices

Tribe3 also allows users to short NFT collection floor prices (i.e. bet that they will go down in price). This could come in handy in a number of ways:
  • Have you ever been convinced that a project is all hype and no substance? Tribe3 allows you to bet against floor prices that you think are overly inflated. 
  • If you’re losing confidence in a project, you can now hedge your investment without actually selling your NFT. 

A social and gamified trading experience

Tribe3 has built a trading experience to meet the needs and desires of NFT enthusiasts: memes, community and culture. The platform allows you to join communities, engage in NFT tribe battles against other communities, and win personalized NFT avatars.
You can learn more about Tribe3 on Twitter and their website.

This article is sponsored content. Please do your own research before engaging in any trades. 


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