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Trial of Jimmy the Monkey Begins This Christmas

Bored Ape Yacht Club announced on Twitter that the “Trial” will begin this Christmas.

By looking at the BAYC roadmap, we can safely assume this refers to The Trial of Jimmy The Monkey. The roadmap artwork shows a handcuffed Jimmy with a nearby placard that states “The Trial of Jimmy The Monkey (MD vs. MMI: Prologue)”.

In true BAYC style, the exact details of the event are shrouded in mystery. The ‘MD v MM’ reference has led many to believe that the community will be split into two camps and pitted against each other in some kind of competition.

The game/competition theory checks out, with Yuga recently hiring a Chief Gaming Officer, Spencer Tucker.

Interestingly, the announcement included an image of a monkey’s hands holding a locked box. The box has a dog on it, which suggests the Bored Ape Kennel Club companion NFTs may be included in the Trial events. This speculation has led to a floor price increase of around 15% to 5.3 ETH for the Kennel Club collection.


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