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Top 5 Ways to Convince Your Friends NFTs Are The Real Deal

Are you sick of your friends telling you that NFTs are a scam or a ponzi scheme? Well, me too. This article will tell you exactly how to convince your friends that NFTs are awesome!

“It’s just a bubble,” they say, “why would I want to buy a picture of an Ape?” they ask. Oh, how naive our friends are, right? Without knowledge of the NFT space, they won’t understand how wrong they are. I’m about to help you slap them in the face with some knowledge bombs that will convince them that NFTs are the real deal. 

When BTC started to gain traction, it was written off as a bubble. It was often considered that nothing could replace the traditional stock market, yet here we are. Now, many of the world’s wealthiest have enormous sums in crypto, despite the current climate. If only our parents were as forward-thinking as us and gambled on Bitcoin, we’d all be living on private islands. 

We’ve come to a point in time when it’s now our turn. A new asset class has arrived and the majority of the planet is still in the dark, or just doesn’t believe in NFTs. We have perhaps one of the biggest opportunities for a forward leap in tech and wealth at our feet, and unlike those before us that didn’t, we will be taking the plunge. To ensure those around us will join us on this journey, here are the top 5 ways to convince your friends NFTs are the real deal. 


Revenue Streams

Over the last few years, we’ve seen so many degens create life-changing levels of wealth thanks to the NFT space. College dropouts have bought their dream cars and homes. ‘No hopers’ have created amazing lives for themselves, and the wealthy have of course added another few zero’s to their net worth. There’s the argument that you’re just buying and selling images without there being a tangible asset. Do we physically hold stocks and shares though? Do gold traders have shelves stacked full of the element in their homes? Then why is this any different? 

In truth, flipping NFTs is just one way to make an income in this space. Many are also forging full-time careers that easily bring in more than highly respected jobs. Best of all, all you need is a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection and the world is your oyster. 

Ownership and Authenticity

The beauty of blockchain technology is that everything can be traced back to its owner. Once you have made your purchase, either at mint or via the secondary market, it leaves a digital footprint that is absolute and final. Putting this into a real-life scenario, imagine there’s a piece of fine art that is misplaced or stolen, then replicated to perfection. It would be extremely difficult to firstly prove who the art belonged to, and secondly, determine which was the real one. NFTs would take all the guesswork away and you could, in an instant, authenticate and get the entire history of ownership on it. As we move forward and we begin to see more real-world utilities, this really is a gamechanger. 


Let’s be honest here, the NFT space is amazing, and one of the main factors is community. When you buy into a project, you’re joining a group full of like-minded individuals who will be as hyped as you are for the future of the project, both short and long term. 

The NFT space is an extremely welcoming one where everyone wants each other to succeed. Projects collaborate to build hype, experts are always sharing knowledge and there are so many free communities you can jump into in order to get a jumpstart on your career and form valuable friendships. Compare this to other industries, where competition is rife and toxic, how could anyone come to a conclusion that the NFT world isn’t for them?

Influential Figures

Gary Vee, Snoop Dogg, Mila Kunis, Reese Witherspoon, Johnny Depp, Nike, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Samsung. These are just a select few celebrities and brands that have entered the NFT space with their own projects. In addition, the list of celebrity and famous BAYC token holders could go on for days. Need I say more? In truth, the rich and powerful often find themselves in their position for a reason. In order to generate more wealth, it’s unlikely they would dive head first into a space unless they were sure of it, being the shrewd business people they are. In most cases when influential figures are doing something, there’s legitimate logic behind it, and when it comes to NFTs, they truly believe in the technology, as should your friends. 

NFTs Are The Future

Regardless of what anyone wants to believe, NFTs are coming in hot. When they are mass adopted, they will change the framework of how the world operates. Whilst the blockchain has existed for a longer period of time, NFTs are still in their infancy.

 We’re currently going through a bear market, so now is the perfect time for your friends and family to get involved and educate themselves, ready for the next bull run. NFTs and the blockchain will give the power back to the people. Should your friends not do the right thing and listen to your wise words, I can guarantee they will live to regret it as they watch you bathe in the glory of Web3.

There we have it, the top 5 ways to convince your friends that NFTs are the real deal. Obviously, there are plenty of other arguments you can put forward, but if you lead with these next time a discussion arises, your mates won’t have a leg to stand on. Should they still not be convinced, then there’s no cure for pure stubbornness. Just be grateful that you’ll be at the forefront and well ahead of the curve when this seismic shift happens. 



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