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Top 10 Largest Otherdeed Sales

Yuga Labs’ latest drop has BAYC enthusiasts excited for their future in the Metaverse. In order to gauge that excitement, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Otherdeed sales to date.

Rankings are based on the amount of ETH exchanged, not USD. All rarity info was pulled from*


There is a particular trend that will become abundantly obvious as you scroll down this list: low ID numbers. Before we discuss traits and rarities, it is important to note that a heap of value is being assigned to the proximity of Otherdeeds to the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Hereu2019s what I mean:

Above is a map of the Otherside Metaverse (this screenshot only encompasses a portion of the Metaverse; it is shockingly huge): every blue dot is a plot of land, controlled by the Otherdeed holders. The orange dot in the center is the Bored Ape Yacht Club, controlled by Yuga Labs. The Otherdeeds are arranged in a specific pattern around the BAYC: smallest ID # to largest, meaning that the closest plots are low numbers (1, 2, 3u2026) and the furthest are high numbers (u202699,997, 99,998, 99,999). Below is the location of Otherdeed # 8, which youu2019ll see has found itself on this top 10 list:

As mentioned before, the first Otherdeed on the list is # 8, which finds itself in the second row from the BAYC. This plot is not only in a coveted location but also has a super rare trait: Glowpod, a u201cWestern Resourceu201d only appearing on 89 out of 100,000 Ofherdeeds (.09%)! The official rarity ranking of this plot is 10,333, but the combined rare trait and location make it extremely valuable. 


The sale was made on May 1st, 2022, and cost the anonymous buyer around $684k at the time of purchase. For anyone wondering, that seemingly strange 242.069 ETH figure has a good explanation: it contains both classic degen meme numbers u201c420u201d and u201c69u201d. If youu2019re going to spend over half a million dollars on an NFT, you should at least have some fun with it! 


9. Otherdeed # 26: 249 ETH

Next on our list is another low ID Otherdeed: # 26. This one is located a few rows back from the clubhouse but is still within the inner island. It is also one of the coolest looking plots weu2019ll look at today, with its glowing multi-colored surface and features. Its rarest traits are the u201cAcidu201d Environment (1.4%) and u201cCelestial Tearu201d Artifact (.55%), giving it an overall rarity rank of 23,976. 


The sale was made in early May for a USD value of just over $684k. The buyer goes by the name vis_eth. 


8. Otherdeed # 10: 250 ETH

Yet again, we have a low ID Otherdeed sale landing at the 8th spot. This plot has a simple desert look, but contains one super rare trait: its Northern Resource trait is u201cChromau201d which exists in just 112/100k Otherdeeds (.12%). Its overall rank is 14,428.

The deed sold for 250 ETH back on May 2nd, which was worth over $700,000 at the time! The buyer is a familiar name: vis_eth, who also owns the # 9 highest sale that we just covered.u00a0

7. Otherdeed # 82785: 250 ETH

We finally get some variety on the ID number with this 7th highest Otherdeed sale: # 82785! When you look deeper at the rarity traits, it will become apparent why this one has joined our top 10 list. At an impressive rank # 79 (out of 100,000!), this plot contains the following super rare traits: the Category and Environment are u201cChaosu201d (.11%), Western Resource and Northern Resource are both u201cVoidu201d (.09%), Southern Resource is u201cEntropyu201d (.08%), and Eastern Resource is u201cOmniu201d (.07%). On top of these impressive attributes, it has whatu2019s called a u201cKoda,u201d which exists on just 10% of Otherdeeds. Holders still donu2019t know the purpose of these little creatures, but they are anticipated to have some unique utility and are thus highly coveted. 


This sale has the exact date, nearly the same time (around 1 hour later), and the USD value as the # 8 highest sale. The difference is that this buyer paid slightly higher gas (about $10 more), so we ranked it higher. The buyer is none other than Chain CEO Deepak Thapliyal, who is a well-known holder within the BAYC ecosystem.


6. Otherdeed # 6: 269.69 ETH

Our following deed has a satisfying alignment: it is # 6 on our list and is also ID # 6! At this point, you can probably guess why this made the top 10: itu2019s in the very first row of the Otherside Metaverse. Although it looks like a simple plot, it ranks at # 3847/100k. This is mostly attributed to its super rare Artifact trait: the u201cRed Orbu201d (.06%). 


The purchase was made near the end of June when ETH was way down to under $1200/ETH, making this technically the lowest value sale on our list in terms of USD (~$323k).


5. Otherdeed # 1890: 280 ETH

This next Otherdeed is the second and final plot on our list to be located outside the inner island. While its rank is only 35940, it has some attractive features that may have contributed to the sale. First, it appears aesthetically rare with the golden surface and decorative terrain. Second, it has a Koda! And this Koda shows some impressive rarities, with specific traits such as the u201cNight Skyu201d Core and u201cOmni Lapisu201d Head each being 1 of 1.


Assuming there was no funny business, this sale was an impressive flip. On May 1st, it was minted and sold less than 18 hours later for 100 ETH and then sold again to its current holder just one day after that for 280 ETH. That is a whopping 180 ETH profit in under 24 hours! The sale’s USD value was shy of $800,000 at the time.


4. Otherdeed # 66: 290 ETH

The number 4 spot holds this spooky plot ranking at # 23925 overall. Its rarest trait is the u201cForged Hammeru201d Artifact that appears in only 445 Otherdeeds (.45%). Other than that, it seems as if this may have been bought for the location and its unique aesthetics. 


The sale was made in early May for a USD value of just under $800k and was bought by a name you should recognize by now: vis_eth. One thing is certain: they had no shortage of ETH ready for the Otherside drop!


3. Otherdeed # 9: 300 ETH

This next plot comes in at number 3 for the largest Otherdeed purchases of all time, while also holding the lowest rank on this entire list: # 62048. At this point, it is abundantly clear that low ID Otherdeeds have had the greatest success on the secondary markets. This particular plot doesnu2019t have any special traits that could propel its technical rarity, but it is extremely close to the BAYC. And wait until you see who bought itu2026

Some of you may have guessed it: vis_eth is back at it again! With their fourth big Otherdeed buy in a short span, this one was worth over $850,000!

2. Otherdeed # 24: 333 ETH

Our number 2 spot belongs to Otherdeed # 24, purchased shortly after mint for a massive 333 ETH. This plot has an overall rarity of 30361, with the u201cFire Sale Scrollu201d Artifact being by far its rarest trait (.7%). Aesthetically, itu2019s somewhat plain (although for some reason it reminds me of the Lion King), but of course, it has the huge perk of being near the center of the Otherside Metaverse.


The purchase was made by a user called punksotc, who appears to own a small business around the buying and selling of CryptoPunks. The deed cost them over $900,000 in USD value at the time of purchase. Currently, it seems they may be regretting that decision, as they have the NFT listed on OpenSea for 299 ETH (~$500k at the time of writing). Yikes!


1. Otherdeed # 33: 333.33 ETH

Finally, the number one highest ever Otherdeed sale ever is # 33, sold on May 5th, 2022 for 333.33 ETH! This is yet another deed with a mediocre rank (36202), but a handful of awesome attributes and an attractive aesthetic (alliteration FTW!). The green u201cSludgeu201d environment gives it a unique and cool look, and the plot is blessed with a cute little Koda. And as always, we have to mention its biggest selling point: the close proximity to the Bored Ape Yacht Club.


This Otherdeed has been sold twice since mint. The first sale was on May 2nd for 216.6969 ETH from a prominent BAYC holder named Franklin to another user called landhunter.eth. The NFT was then sold again just 3 days later for more than 100 ETH profit! And its buyer may or may not shock youu2026


Did you think vis_eth was done? NOPE! They struck again with this purchase worth over $915,000 at the time of buying! If anyone is counting, this is their fifth Otherdeed in the top 10 highest purchases to date. All five purchases were made within a week of the mint. I guess someone is bullish!


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