Top 10 Aussies and Kiwis in Web3

October 12, 2022

If you’re a Web3 degen who regularly browses through NFT Twitter, then it’s likely that you would have seen many Australians and Kiwis taking over your newsfeed. Just a few days ago, you couldn’t scroll past a few posts without seeing “Aussie follow Aussi” or “Kiwi follow Kiwi.” The general consensus is surrounding Australians and kiwis “bigging” each other up, and it’s refreshing to see these communities come together in a patriotic effort to help each other. 

On October 9th 2022, a Twitter space was hosted by Boho, and it was called Aussie Mafia. The co-hosts and guest speakers included huge names in the space such as ShanVoltura and Takoa. Despite the bear market, the Twitter space managed to attract a total of 4,4k listeners. In the aftermath came many wholesome Twitter posts from many stating things such as, “extra proud to be an aussie today” and “Australians are the next Web3 industry leaders.” 

Why Did This Happen?

In a Tweet by Alex is Building, he explains that because of logistical distance and time zone issues, it’s very inconvenient for Australians to be awake or physically close to the “English speaking world.” When everyone else is posting their “GMs”, they’re going to bed. “We spend so much time looking forwards at the epicenter of culture, that very few of us look sideways to see if anyone else is around,” he stated. However, this all changed over the weekend when a few Aussies started putting a call out for other Aussies, and rather than it just becoming a follow for follow trend, a “volcano erupted.” 

With all of this Oceanian activity, let’s explore the Top 10 Aussies and Kiwis in Web3. 


#1 Takoa 

Takoa is a hugely influential name in the NFT space. He is best known for being the founder of Forgotten Ethereal Worlds and his generous Takoa’s Giving page. He has a very large following of 221.8k on Twitter, and almost every influential figure in the space follows his page.


#2 Voltura 

BAYC2745, better known as Voltura, is the founder of established and proven project Psychedelics Anonymous. His reputation precedes him as he is a very well respected and connected character in the NFT space. He has amassed a large following of 202.1k on Twitter over time and his engagement is very strong. 


#3 Shan

Almost everybody in the space has heard of this person. Shan is the co-founder of ‘blue chip’ project Project Godjira. Just like Voltura, Shan has a very strong reputation, meaning that he is followed and respected by many. Shan has gained a solid following of 116.1k on Twitter over time. 


#4 Hunter

Hunter, AKA Gronk Wizard, is one of those people in the NFT space who knows absolutely everyone. If you need something done, Gronk Wizard will know the right person for it. The saying goes, “your network is your net worth,” and in that case, Gronk is a very rich man. He is associated with ZenApeWhop and heavily involved with other projects such as MemelandGangster All Star and WGMI. With this, he has gained a good following of 63.1k on Twitter. 


#5 M1nn1e

M1nn1e is a 20 year old blockchain, De-Fi and NFTs developer who specializes in computer security. She is working with projects such as ZenApeMemeland and Psychedelics Anonymous. Her work speaks louder than her actions, and it has allowed her to gain a following of 53.3k on Twitter. 


#6 Lil Bubble 

One to make us laugh when our portfolios are red is Lil Bubble. Bubble is a crypto parody musician, satire, and he has his own NFT project coming out called the Lil Bubble Club. Lil bubble is known for his song covers, and Gary Vee even follows him. With his light and humorous content, bubble has gained a following of 37.4k on Twitter.   

#7 NFT Nate 

Better known for his YouTube channel, NFT Nate is an NFT degen and he is “going hard on JPEGs.” Nate regularly posts informative and educational content on his YouTube channel, which has gained him over 20k subscribers and 28.6k followers on Twitter. 


Stone, first name Morgan, is the founder of Roo Troops, the first on-chain marketplace. He is also the founder of Roo Labs and Roo Tech. Judging by the name of his projects and brands, I’m assuming that he loves kangaroos. Stone has a roo army of 25k people following him on Twitter. 


#9 Boho

Boho is the individual who created the Aussie Mafia Twitter space, which means that they are arguably responsible for the movement. Boho is an archaeologist and writer in web2, but in Web3, an avid collector. They hold a Mutant Ape, a Goblintown and they have 14.4k followers on Twitter. 


#10 YoungBlood

The youngest to make the list, and one of the few Kiwis, we have YoungBlood. YoungBlood is a well known and reputable alpha caller in the space with an insanely accurate hit rate when it comes to alpha calling. If you’re into NFT trading, you should be following him. His accurate calling has allowed him to gain a strong following of 14.6k on Twitter so far. 

There we have it, the top 10 Aussies and Kiwis in Web3. Whether you’re in Europe or in the US, you’ll already know that planning meetings with people in Oceania is difficult due to time zone differences. Although we cannot do anything about that, the Aussies and Kiwis are making their Web3 lives more convenient by connecting with and supporting each other. If this is also an issue for you in your country, perhaps it’s time to start the next movement. 

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