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France Turns to Blockchain Tech For its Upcoming Sports Events

France is looking to implement NFT ticketing at the upcoming 2023 Rugby World Cup, as well as the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

In wake of the chaotic Champions League final in Paris at the end of May, French authorities are now looking to implement blockchain technology into its future ticketing solutions for sporting events. For context, 10% of the 15,000 tickets issued to Liverpool FC fans were counterfeits, which ultimately led to instances of police brutality wherein innocent supporters became victims of tear gas and unnecessary force. Subsequently, the match was delayed by half an hour, which led to an inquiry that concluded that ticketing, along with a lack of stadium security and fan travel preparation, were the causes of the event’s shambolic organisation.

France’s NFT-advocating has predominantly come through Michel Cadot, the country’s inter-ministerial representative for major sporting events. In an effort to avoid the chaos that was observed at the Champions League final, Cadot hopes that NFT ticketing will be an ever-present at the upcoming Rugby World Cup that’ll take place across the country in 2023, as well as the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Here, digital-only tickets using QR codes will be distributed to attendees via SMS in the days leading up to the event, but will only be activated once the ticket holder enters a specific ’security zone’ which surrounds the event’s venue. 

Through NFT ticketing, not only is the problem of counterfeit tickets lessened, but the motivation for opportunist break-in artists to attend events is also mitigated for, as overall ambiguity in event-entrance is reduced. NFT tickets will also have the ability to be programmed with different perks / access passes depending on the specific ticket purchased, while also being able to be embedded with souvenir items for attendees to treasure. 

Of course, there is also no reason why NFT ticketing won’t eventually become the go-to solution for all events which involve large-scale ticketing, such as concerts, exhibitions and even travel. In-fact, Web3-explicit events such as the BlockDown music festival are already using such strategy – however we are still yet to see a non-Web3 organisation fully adopt the blockchain-leveraging solution.


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