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Mint Details

Mint Date 

May 27th, 15:00pm – 23:00pm (unspecified time zone).

Public Mint: May 27th, 23:00pm



Mint Price 

0.08 ETH

Mint Limit 

2 per wallet

What is the Third Eye Club?

With a focus on clothing, art and culture, Third Eye Club is a brand looking to bridge the gap between the digital and physical world.

The lore of the project is set far into the future, 3033 to be exact. Earth’s resources have become scarce, causing scientists to develop a new parasite with the intention of making the host strong enough to survive the harsh environments of the planet. An unexpected twist however, meant that the parasites mutated, spreading to other species and turned everything into uncontrollable specimens. 

Third Eye Club’s 9,333 NFTs will feature multiple character designs with over 10 creatures from the universe being introduced in the first drop. Each will be made up of different properties, ranging from common traits to super rare. The artwork is clean, bright and a throwback to the ’rubber hose’ animation style from the 1930’s. 

The project falls into the middle ground regarding hype, with a following of 94.2K on Twitter and 24.7K members on Discord. Despite the middling numbers, the community appears strong and the first wave of apparel has already sold out which is a positive start. 


The project definitely fits the title of being a ‘brand’ with a stylish marketing approach and trailers that wouldn’t look out of place on a fashion website. Third Eye Club’s roadmap leans heavily into this.

The Creators Club and Artist Fund
A dedicated space for creators and artists, The Creators Club will be a thriving community where holders can network, discover new artists and collaborate. Members will be able to showcase their work via an artist showcase, and a community managed artist fund will be created to support the club itself. 

Premium Art Book and Annual Magazine
A premium art book will be awarded to each holder. All the details of the Third Eye universe will be found within, as will the stages of the project creation process and the project design details. In addition, an annual magazine will recap the year’s events. 

Third Eye Store
An online storefront will sell merchandise such clothing and accessories to the public, whereas holders will have access to an exclusive collection.  A pop up store will also appear in various cities allowing you to purchase in person. 


Third Eye Parasite NFT Drop
All holders of the first collection will  receive an airdrop containing a Third Eye Parasite NFT.  This new token will grant access to new utilities and “exclusivities”.


Physical Art
Physical art for the Third Eye universe is already being developed by the club. Figurines will be handcrafted, limited in quantity and unique to each holder. More information is promised soon.

third eye club (5)

Artwork Print and Arc Development
High quality prints will be made available on the shop. Each of the characters in the Third Eye Universe will receive their own arc of development where each species will be explored in greater depth.


Unlock the Future of The Third Eye Club
After launch, more utilities will be revealed including: 3D collections, collaborations, partnerships and more.


Led by a French artist, the team aims to connect the physical and digital world via The Third Eye Club.


Founder – Marou

Based in Paris, Marou is an experienced artist, photographer and art director. Coming up to 10 years in the industry, he has worked alongside global brands such as Adidas, Nike, Adobe and Playstation. 


Illustrator – Jjean

A young designer and illustrator, Jjean is passionate about character design and will be assisting Marou throughout the entire creative process. 


CPO – Camille

Expert in logistics & Co-founder alongside Marou, of Troisième Œil Club. Camille has extensive experience in product and brand development. Unfortunately, no social links were available for Camille.


Lead Developer – Chris

Chief Technology Officer with more than 10 years of experience, Chris is a Crypto and NFT enthusiast as well as a smart Contract expert who is also part of Troisième Œil Club. Unfortunately, no social links were available for Chris.


Bullish case

A quick glance at the website’s home page hits you with a quick looping trailer that sets the tone for the project, with fashion and style seeming to be front and center. While most brands offer the promise of apparel and merch down the line, Third Eye Club wastes no time with a day zero drop that has already sold out suggesting that the community are ready and eager to be involved which is encouraging given the mid-sized level of the project’s following. With this comes a hint that future drops will also be received with excitement. 

The artwork is extremely unique, created by an industry veteran and mint price definitely falls within the affordable range ensuring interested parties can get in with minimal risk. This should go a long way in helping to sell the relatively large allocation. 


As with every project currently launching on the ETH network, we have to consider the market climate. OpenSea trading volume continues on its downward trend and floor prices continue to ‘bleed’ which is a concern, especially if a project doesn’t fall into the extremely hyped category. Although the team have clear experience, working with global corporations, the transition to NFT project is not always smooth and with this being what appears to be their first project, they still have it all to prove. With more and more traders moving over to Solana, for the time being at least, it’s hard to see how Third Eye Club will excel. As stated above, the cost effective price does minimize the risk, so those with a little disposable ETH can mint. Right now, it looks as if it could go either way.

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