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The ‘Solana Launchpad’ Arrives on OpenSea

OpenSea has dropped a ‘Solana Launchpad’ which will enhance the selling and buying experiences involved with Solana NFTs on the platform.

As part of its plan to bring a vast multi-chain experience to its millions of users, leading NFT marketplace OpenSea has announced the arrival of a ‘Solana Launchpad’ onto its platform.

As its name suggests, the Solana Launchpad will allow creators to control the minting of Solana NFTs on the OpenSea platform from start to finish. This means that they will be able to host pre-mints, mints, and post-mint activities, whilst also being able to control elements such as secondary sales and allowlist spots. 

In addition to catering to the demands of creators, the Solana Launchpad is also designed to enhance the buying experience of Solana NFT collectors. To do so, it will allow NFTs to stay in users’ wallets whilst they are listed, new Solana NFT collections will automatically appear on its page when they are launched, and with help from MoonPay, users will be able to top-up their balance using fiat when checking-out. 

The Solana Launchpad’s arrival is being commemorated by OpenSea partnering with two upcoming Solana NFT projects. The first is ‘Zoonies,’ which will drop on the Solana Launchpad tomorrow, and the second is ‘Monkai,’ which will drop on July 26th. 

Read more about OpenSea’s Solana Launchpad here. 


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