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Mint Details

Mint Date

July 14-15



Mint Price 

Free + 0.033 ETH (This is for extra you get a certain amount free then pay for the rest)

OG -2x Free Mint + 1x Mint at 0.033 ETH

WL – 1x Free Mint + 1x Mint at 0.033 ETH

Mint Price 

OG – 3 

WL – 2

What is ‘The Magus’?

The Magus is a collection of 6,666 magical beings and NFTs centered around fantasy, art, and community. The NFTs are made up of more than 220+ traits from six different categories and 13 unique 1/1s. All Magus are hand-drawn by one of the founding members and the lead artist, Edi.


  1. A collection of 6,666 Magus enters into The Magus World
  2. Final training for the Magus before the reveal
  3. Royalties fund from secondary sales back to the community
  4. The Magus token launch, staking, and marketplace
  5. Hatching of The Magus Pets



  1. Access to quality alphas
  2. Quality WL giveaway
  3. Royalties fund from secondary sales (in ETH/ NFTs through giveaway)
  4. The Magus marketplace to purchase WL/ tools with $MGS
  5. Future NFT airdrops



Kent, AKA Sabuz – project and marketing lead

Kent, AKA Sabuz, is the project and marketing lead of The Magus. He has a major in business marketing and experience in the marketing field as he worked as a marketing consultant for a major food supplement company in Malaysia. Sabuz’s passion for Web3 has driven him to build a community-centered project and focus on bringing value to future holders together with Jayden and Edi.


Jayden, AKA Jayden – community manager 

Jayden, AKA Jayden, is the community manager of The Magus. He has a major in accountancy and experience in the finance and accounting fields, as he worked as a finance manager in a crypto investment company, and he owns a business restaurant as well in Malaysia. Jayden’s experience in the financial and accountancy fields says it all; the community funds are in safe hands.


Bx, AKA Edi – the lead artist 

Bx, AKA Edi, is the leading artist of The Magus. He has been into graphic design for years and his work has been admired and recognized by some of the bigger brands such as McDonalds, Kellogg’s, Nestlé, and many more. Art has always been Edi’s passion; he puts tremendous effort into the art he creates to perfect every single detail.


Max – lead developer

Max is the lead developer of The Magus. He is a full-stack developer, focusing on the front end and back end of the website as well as the contract of The Magus. Through his diverse skill sets and years of experience in developing e-commerce marketplaces and as a developer for one of the market’s leading big data companies, he will ensure minimal to zero errors in the contract and a seamless user experience for The Magus website.



Bullish case

The Magus has been a hyped project since many months ago with many notable influencers such as Crypto Gorilla and Kosher Plug covering it as early as 3 months back. The team behind The Magus has recently announced that they will be making it a mint project which shows they are perceptive to what’s happening in the NFT space, and they are adaptable to change. It is likely the project will sell out without much difficulty, and it is likely that minters will find a great flipping opportunity for this collection at least for the short term. 


This is the first NFT project for Edi, the lead artist as well as Jayden, the community fund manager. It is easy to create an NFT project, but it’s difficult to create and manage one as a whole. Currently, there is a ton of competition in the NFT space thanks to the “free-mint meta” that has been trending since the beginning of the bear market. It is still left to be seen whether The Magus can stand the test of time and beat out the rest of the competition.


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