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The British Army Becomes the Latest Crypto-Scammer Victims on Social Media

Control of the British Army's Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts were ceased for 4 hour by hackers who posted malicious crypto-related links.

Yesterday saw hackers breach the British Army’s Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts, which subsequently saw the posting of many crypto-related phishing and scam links. 

Control over each of the accounts was taken for almost 4 hours, with the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) Press Office first stating its awareness of the breach at 2:00 PM EST, before finally declaring that they were resolved at 5:45 PM. 

As per screenshots of the hacker’s activity, the MoD’s Twitter account (and its all-important blue tick) was used to promote two fraudulent derivatives of The Possessed and BAPESCLAN NFT collections, with the former reportedly including a link to a fake mint site. In response, one of The Possessed’s actual founders took to his own Twitter to warn users not to interact with the page.

Over on the YouTube side of things, the hackers turned the MoD’s official account into one which resembled an investment firm called ‘Ark investment, where from there, they streamed interviews with the likes of Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey to add a sense of legitimacy. Of course, such streams came with QR code-leveraging scams which were advertising crypto-related giveaways. 

The damage caused by the four-hour window of breaching remains unknown (at the time of writing), however, it is quite likely that the operation would’ve added to the $1 billion that has already been stolen through crypto-related scams this year. 


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