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Thailand Launches NFT Collection For Tourists

Thailand has launched an NFT experience for tourists called ‘Amazing Thailand NFTs’.
The Tourism Authority of Thailand has placed QR codes at five cultural landmarks around the country. There are only 3,999 NFTs available at each site, and those who collect three NFTs can unlock deals, discounts and free experiences across the country.
The scarcity of the NFTs (there are only 3,999 at each site) and rewards for collecting them introduce a new element of gamification and competition for tourists visiting Thailand. The increased incentive to visit specific locations encourages tourists to gain a deeper understanding of Thailand’s history and culture.
Tourism is big, big business (especially in Thailand). This initiative gives us a glimpse of how NFTs can be used to provide tourists a more immersive experience when visiting a country and its cultural landmarks. They also make a great souvenir.
If you find yourself in Thailand, there is no time to waste. Participants only have until December 14th to collect the NFTs.


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