How This Teenager Made Life-Changing Money With NFTs

October 7, 2022

Victor Langlois, aka FEWOCiOUS, aka FEWO, is a digital artist who was able to generate close to 50 million dollars through his NFTs (not including the royalties he is currently making in perpetuity). FEWO was only a teenager when he first learned about NFTs, and this is his story about how he was able to establish his very own art empire in less than three years. 

The hero in this story is Victor Langlois, a transgender digital artist who was able to create his own art empire by harnessing the power of NFT technology. Victor, who is regarded as the next Picasso began drawing on his iPad when he was 14 years old. FEWO was only a teenager when he first learned about and started dabbling with NFTs. Victor had humble beginnings and he first began selling digital works reprinted on T-Shirts earning as much as $100 per piece.

Victor began to create digital art that chronicled his difficult struggles with gender identity and his transition toward self-acceptance. He was born a female, Victoria Langlois, and his parents wanted nothing to do with his transgender identity. He felt lost because he wasn’t allowed to be true to himself, and those who were closest to him didn’t accept him for who he was. FEWO saw art as a way to escape his harsh reality, and his artwork encompasses his raw emotions when he was told that he was a failure, or told by his own parents that he was a monster, when he was just a kid in his room working on his art. 

It wasn’t until he learned about NFTs from of collector of his in early 2020 that the doors opened for him. After discovering how NFTs were revolutionizing the art world and the empowerment they brought to artists through royalty in perpetuity, he quickly fell in love and began his series of artworks.

FEWO started selling work on SuperRare and built a following there and on Nifty Gateway. Soon, he came to the attention of Noah Davis, the digital art specialist at Christie’s, who arranged an auction of his work in June of 2021.  Victor hosted a groundbreaking and record-breaking auction with Christie’s Auction House in celebration of “Pride Month.” The online sale of his five lots entitled “Hello, i’m Victor (FEWOCiOUS), and This Is My Life,” earned $2.16 million, turning Mr. Langlois into a digital art-world star overnight.

FEWOCiOUS then collaborated with RTFKT studios, a next-generation sneaker and digital collectible brand that merges the realities of fashion and gaming. The auction on Super Rare with RTFKT came with a real-world pair of shoes or other fashion pieces, generating over $3m in sales within seven minutes which was a record at the time. Additionally, FEWOCiOUS’ dropped “Fabricated Fairytales” which was released in early 2021 in collaboration with best friends parrott_ism, odious, and Jonathan Wolfe which also ended up selling out for staggering amounts. 

In total, Ferocious’s early artwork and early collaborations have netted him more than $28 million dollars in total, and information surrounding those art pieces and their floor prices can be found through this link at https://cryptoart.io/artist/fewocious. 

Most recently, FEWOCiOUS hosted his FEWO WORLD “paint drop” through Nifty Gateway, which was a limited 24-hour public sale of NFTs which generated another $20 million dollars in addition to the incredible $28 million he made through his previous works. FEWO has amassed nearly $50mm in sales for his art thus far, solidifying his place among the most popular NFT artists in history, and arguably making him one of the most influential artists of this generation. 

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