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Supreme Court Abortion Overuling Prompts Digital Artist to Launch Fundraising NFT Collection

In response to the overturning of abortion-related precedents in the US, NFT artist Molly Dickson has created a 10,000 NFT collection to raise funds for organisations supporting reproductive rights.

In wake of the United State’s Supreme Court overturning the abortion-related precedents set out in Roe v. Wade, NFT artist Molly Dickson has created an NFT collection to raise funds for abortion rights groups across the country. 

Entitled ‘FUCK YOU,’ the collection consists of three different NFTs which each point fun at a Supreme Court official; ‘My Mom Said You’re Not Supreme, Alito,’ which can be minted for 0.03 ETH, ‘Kick Rocks, Kavanaugh,’ which can be minted for 0.09 ETH, and ‘Never Heard of You Coney Barrett,’ which can be minted for 0.9 ETH. 

Each type of NFT sports an eccentric, abstract, and colourful aesthetic which includes its own unique way of featuring the middle finger gesture. 

100% of the proceeds from the series (which will be $3 million if the collection sells out) will be sent from Dickson’s COWGIRLDAO (the charitable arm of her ongoing NFT project Computer COWGIRLs) to blockchain-based NGO Endaoment, who will then allocate 98.5% of the funds to organisations supporting reproductive rights. 

Check out Dickson’s other Abortion-related NFT collection ‘201 Originals’. 



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