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Steve Aoki Avatar NFTs Enter ‘The Sandbox’

The Sandbox is launching 3,333 Avatar NFTs based on DJ Steve Aoki, with each being a playable character in the metaverse.

DJ Steve Aoki is now being inaugurated into The Sandbox to expand his already-prevalent presence in the metaverse. 

Aoki’s essence in The Sandbox will be manifested through the arrival of 3,333 NFT Avatars, with each being a unique and randomly generated playable character that depicts the eclectic interests of the DJ. 

The NFT Avatars will come in one of six tiers of rarity, Human, Android, Rainbow, Hybrid, Diamond, and Gold. They will cost 10 $SAND (around $14) to mint and will first be available to A0K1VERSE Passport holders and other Steve Aoki NFT holders on July 25th at 2 PM UTC. On July 26th at 2 PM UTC, those who own The Sandbox LAND, a Doggies Avatar, or a Crypto Avatar will then be able to join the mint. Finally, on July 27th, the collection will be released to the public. 

Forty-eight hours after the public sale commences, the rarity of each Avatar will be revealed on OpenSea. 

Once minted, the Avatars will have their first shot at earning $SAND in the game’s upcoming Alpha Season 3. 

Find out more about the collection here. 


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