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Solana Launches Physical Store in NYC

Solana Spaces has launched its first physical store in New York. It’ll offer educational programs, opportunities to set up Solana Phantom wallets, and much more.

Solana Spaces, the educational arm of the Solana blockchain, has opened up its first physical store in Hudson Yards, New York City. The store aims to educate those who are new to Web3, as well as smoothly onboard them onto the Solana blockchain and all of its non-fungible ongoings. 

The store, which is a collaborative effort from the Solana Foundation and several other ecosystem partners, will be open from 10AM to 8PM from Monday to Saturday, and 11AM to 7PM on Sundays.  

Self-dubbed as the world’s first retail and educational space dedicated to Web3, the store will provide visitors with access to tutorials, programming services, Solana-based on-chain experiences, and ‘unique rewards’. 

There will also be a booth which’ll allow visitors to generate their own Solana Phantom wallets, wherein multiple NFTs and cryptocurrencies will be unlockable to those who complete the on-offer educational courses. 

The store will also feature interactive art installations, a display of the company’s upcoming ‘Saga’ phone, Solana merch, and several Solana NFT exhibitions. 

It will also offer a 50% discount on all purchases up to $200 that use the Solana Pay app.


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