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Snoop Dogg Set to Launch IRL Dessert Parlour Based on His Rare Bored Ape

Snoop Dogg and NFT start-up Food Fighters Universe are launching a physical dessert parlour which is based upon Snoop’s rare Bored Ape, as well as NFTs from Food Fighters Universe’s upcoming NFT collection.

Bored & Hungry brought NFT-inspired fast food to the city of LA, and now a joint venture by Snoop Dogg and start-up ‘Food Fighters Universe’ is offering up an NFT dessert option.

Dubbed ‘Dr. Bombay’s Sweet Exploration’, the dessert parlour will offer a selection of treats which is guaranteed to satisfy any sweet-tooth cravings, while also hosting an array of ‘immersive retail experiences’. 

As for the name and marketing direction of the establishment, it is a manifestation of Snoop’s right to leverage the IP of his ultra rare Bored Ape #6723, which he has named Dr. Bombay. 

Snoop’s partner in the endeavour, ‘Food Fighters Universe’, is a start-up which is co-founded by industry A-listers Andy Nguyen, Kevin Seo and Phillip Huynh. As per the project’s innovative website (which features a 2D and 3D mode), it will soon be releasing a collection of 10,000 NFTs. These NFTs are expected to serve as access passes to all of the events, rewards, and special IRL perks that will be on offer at ‘Dr. Bombay’s Sweet Exploration’, as well as any other physical food outlets the project launches. 

An image posted by Snoop also suggests that such NFTs will feature as part of the establishment’s branding too.

Dr Bombay. What y’all think.?? @foodfightersu

— Snoop Dogg (@SnoopDogg) May 18, 2022

As per the partnership’s announcement, the launch date and location of ‘Dr. Bombay’s Sweet Exploration’ remains TBA.


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