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Mint Details

Mint Date 

May 9, 1:00 am EST

Reserve List Mint – May 10,1:00am EST

WL + Reserve List #2 – May 11, 1:00 am EST

Reveal: 48 hours after closing of mint



Mint Price 

0.1 ETH

Mint Limit 

1 per WL

What is SkyVerse? (short description of the project)

SkyVerse is a DeFi gaming and metaverse project with a max supply of 5,000 sky island NFTs.

Each Sky Island comes equipped with different levels of utility, and $SKY tokens will grant exposure to the entire SkyVerse Ecosystem. 

Story / Background

SkyVerse is a DeFi gaming and metaverse project with a max supply of 5,000 sky island NFTs.

Each Sky Island comes equipped with different levels of utility, and $SKY tokens will grant exposure to the entire SkyVerse Ecosystem. SkyVerse is a DeFi gaming and metaverse project with a max supply of 5,000 sky island NFTs. 

There are 4 different rarities available, and the higher the rarity of a Sky Island, the more $SKY tokens will be earned. $SKY tokens will be used to gain access to the entirety of the SkyVerse ecosystem. 

SkyVerse: Part 1 is set around 5,000 Genesis Sky Islands to be set into various Metaverses such as Sandbox and NFTWorlds and their own metaverse called SkyPixel.



Each Sky Island can be staked to earn $SKY. Owning a Sky Island grants exclusive access to the ‘Sky Ticketer’. 

“The SkyTicketer is a one-stop Utility Marketplace where holders can spend their $SKY token for raffle tickets to win highly coveted WL Opportunities, Alpha Membership Passes, and Hidden Features. The SkyTicketer offers 2 types of raffle tickets – Regular & Golden. Regular tickets count as a normal entry ticket to any sort of WL/Alpha pass raffle while Golden tickets automatically secure the win. This is to ensure all types of holders are able to maximize their odds of profits according to the spending strategy they wish to adopt.”

Having a Sky Island will also give priority reservations for the upcoming SkyVerse Part 2: Characters project.


The roadmap can be found on the official SkyVerse website, and their whitepaper. A photo is included below for reference.


Jeppy (Creator/Founder)

Behind the idea of SkyVerse, is involved in the development of all areas. (Directing, art, web design, marketing, branding, HR management, partnerships, social media, contract type & staking network, etc) Specializes in Business & Human Resources, passionate about marketing & branding.

Accumulated over 6 years of social media marketing experience, and has operated multiple E-Commerce stores before starting SkyVerse.

Has 10 years of experience in trading virtual items in MMO Sandbox games before NFTs became popular, allowing for a good understanding of the market.

Tends to keep up with market updates, always adapting and changing strategies according to market developments.

Berela (Artist)

Well-experienced in 3D-Modelling in Blender and is adept at painting too. Free-lance artist with over 25 years of experience in art, and 5 years in digital modeling. Does not take shortcuts on the art of SkyVerse, handcrafting each trait without generative means.

Sayak (Front-end Developer)

Experienced in front-end coding with over 6 years of experience. Made an aesthetically clean website design with a seamlessly smooth coding process. Proficient with conceptualizing website layouts for a highly satisfactory user experience.

Tech Chief (Back-end Developer)

Has over 10 of experience in developing and coding front-end and back-end. Works on smart contracts and optimizes mint for low gas fees. In charge of implementing gas-less Staking & Utility Marketplace.


Below is a growing list of long-term strategic partners of SkyVerse. The exact nature surrounding the deals of the partnerships is not public at this time. Still, the following projects are officially listed as “long-term strategic partners” on the Skyverse website.

  • Project Godjira
  • Sneaky Vampire Syndicate
  • PxQuest
  • Llamaverse
  • Dark Echelon
  • Dysto Apez
  • Uninterested Unicorns
  • Dreamland Genesis
  • Wulfz
  • Squishy Squad
  • Magic Mushroom Clubhouse
  • Rugburners
  • TheLandDAO


Marketing / Community

Skyverse has been marketing its project for a minimum of 6 months. They have postponed their launch several times, and due to their efforts, they have amassed more than 233k followers on Twitter, and there has been decent hype surrounding this project. SkyVerse has been a part of many whitelist giveaways on Twitter and their Discord server, making their community somewhat spammy and full of paper-handed investors that may quickly lock in profits after the mint phase. 


Bullish case

SkyVerse is a project that has been associating itself with legitimate projects and influencers like those listed in the Collaborations section above.  Thanks to spending more than six months marketing their NFT project, there have been many AMAs with different communities on Discord and Twitter. Last but not least, Skyverse currently has more than 233k followers on Twitter, while their collection will have a limited supply of 5,000 NFTs so there will not likely be much difficulty in selling out during their mint phase. 



It is interesting to note that they have less than 21,000 followers on their Discord server compared to their Twitter count. In addition, despite having such a large Twitter follower base, the engagement on their posts seems to vary quite drastically. The community behind SkyVerse was not organically grown but was the effort of many WL giveaways and collaborations. There is a high chance that too many people will sell this project as soon as they can mint, making this project more of a quick flip rather than a long-term hold.


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