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Ryder Ripps’ Rip-Off NFT Collections Now Face Delisting Controversy With X2Y2

X2Y2 NFT marketplace delists then relists rip-off NFT collections of Ryder Ripps amid his legal battle with Yuga Labs.

As previously reported, Ryder Ripps, the serial internet investigator who is on the receiving end of an aggressive lawsuit from Yuga Labs due to multiple actions of his, is now facing complications with NFT marketplace X2Y2.

Ripps’ 6 NFT collections, which are essentially copies of collections that fall under the BAYC IP umbrella (something he believes is legally sound), were initially listed on the ever-growing X2Y2 marketplace last month, however, on the day following Yuga Labs’ lawsuit against him, all of them were all delisted. 

The fundamental reason behind such a decision is that servers were threatening to take down the X2Y2 site if they didn’t remove the controversial assets. 

With issues of decentralization then being heard around the community, the collections were then relisted just hours later, as both parties were able to forge some form of agreement. That being said, the agreement came with some compromises for Ripps, including the renaming of his RR/BAYC collection to RR/REDACTED, as well as the removal of the BAYC logo on the collection’s page. 

For now, it remains unclear as to whether the threats to take down the X2Y2 platform remain active. All we do know is that Ripps’ issues with X2Y2 probably aren’t over, and most certainly neither are his qualms with Yuga Labs. 



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