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What is Ryan Millier’s Umbrella Stories?

“Ryan is a photographer and artist based in New York City. Ryan grew up in Toronto, Canada, and began his creative journey taking photographs on an iPhone 4 roaming around Toronto, and exploring different vantage points. Fast forward almost a decade and Ryan is now living in New York City, creating imagery and videos for the world’s biggest companies. 

Ryan Miller’s genesis NFT collection, “Umbrella Stories,” launched on April 4th, 2022.  It had a total supply of only 44 NFTs in its collection, and it sold out in less than four hours on OpenSea. Ryan Millier is now releasing his second collection for “Umbrella Stories” and this will have a total supply of 100 NFTs. Holders of the genesis collection are automatically whitelisted for the new collection along with those who are able to secure a @Photographer role in Ryan Millier’s official Discord server. The purpose of the Discord server is to keep everyone in the loop on what @ryanmillier is building, to allow early access to his releases, and a place to check out his sneak peeks.

Story / Background 

“To most, umbrellas are just a necessary measure to shield oneself on an unfortunate rainy day. To photographer Ryan Millier, they are an intriguing symbol of mystery. Under each umbrella lives, a person with a life and a story untold left to the imagination of the viewer.

Ryan has utilized street photography as a form of escape throughout the past decade of his career, exploring the city streets and creating imagery that transports the viewer elsewhere. Ryan discovered quiet poetry in the rain; the reflection of the city lights off of the cold pavement, illuminating the dark streets filled with steam from the sewers below.”

[Source: Official Announcement From Ryan Millier’s Official Discord server]


The art is the utility for this project and no additional utility has been mentioned as of yet.


There is no roadmap that is planned or available for Ryan Miller’s Umbrella Stories at the time of writing (05/24/2022).


Ryan Millier has not mentioned anything regarding his team, and there are no mentions of any particular mod, admin, or team member that is working with him on his Umbrella Series. Listed below are links to Ryan Millier’s official social media pages as well as his LinkedIn profile page. Ryan Millier is a creative photography director from New York who has already built up a large following and a reputation for himself. 

Official Online Portfolio

Official Website of Ryan Millier

Ryan is the co-owner of the TeamCozy brand.

Official Facebook Page

Official Instagram page

Official LinkedIn 

Community Mod & Admin 

JDubs on Discord



Ryan Millier has mentioned that he is open to having collaborations with other PFP projects and photography-based NFT projects, but no official announcements or collaborations have been shared publicly as of yet.

Marketing / Community

Ryan Millier’s official Discord server has only 1,057 members at this time and the discussion in his communities is extremely laid back, and at times, lacking in terms of engaging conversation. There currently seems to be a lack of hype going for Ryan Millier’s Umbrella Stories although things may change as we get closer to the mint date of his new 100-piece collection.

How to get WL

By owning a previous project NFT, owners will get WL to mint Ryan’s next collection of NFTs. There will be only 100 NFTs for Ryan Millier’s next collection, and 44 of those will be reserved for holders of the Umbrella Stories Genesis Collection. The 56 remaining supplies will be reserved for those who are lucky enough to attain the “photographer” role on Millier’s official Discord server.



Bullish case

Ryan Millier is an established photographer, and his latest collection will only have a maximum supply of 100 pieces making this an extremely limited and valuable drop. His previous collection which has a total supply of only 44 pieces had a floor price as high as 2 ETH at one point. It is likely that Ryan Millier’s new collection will sell out without much difficulty, and there is a good chance that Millier’s collection will be seen as being extremely valuable due to how limited they are and how few will be available for purchase. 



Ryan Millier’s total members on Discord and the lack of engagement in the server are a few red flags that have been observed by our team at WGMI Studios. Unlike most other NFT projects, Ryan Millier seems to be purposefully avoiding the topic of NFT utility, but this is going against the current meta (utility-based NFTs) that provide value to holders over time. 

Ryan Millier seems to be a one-man army and there have been no mentions of his team that will be helping him behind the scenes.  The Umbrella Stories project is focusing on organic marketing without the usage of collaborations and partnerships which is impressive, but at the same time, it is also questionable whether Millier will be able to lead his project on his own without a competent team behind him.

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