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Romania to Establish NFTs as New Form of Government Documentation

Romania has stated its plans to generate NFT counterparts for the government documentation of its citizens, which will be able to be acquired via a secure NFT marketplace.

Romania’s National Institute for Research and Development In Informatics (ICI) has announced its plans to leverage blockchain technology in order to enhance the way in which its citizen’s official documents are acquired and stored. 

Dubbed the ‘National System for Issuers and Assets’ (NSIDA), the endeavour will see documents such as driving licences, birth certificates, land/property deeds, and other forms of government-recognised documentation be given an NFT counterpart that’ll live on the eco-friendly and highly-scalable Elrond blockchain. Such NFTs/documents will be able to be acquired via an exclusive and secure NFT marketplace, meaning that the need to travel to government offices to pick them up IRL will be alleviated. That being said, physical forms of documentation will not lose their validity or utility.

The launch of NSIDA still hasn’t been given a launch date, however once it has been initiated, the ICI will continue working with Elrond to develop a decentralized network for the country’s critical public resources.

For many, such use of blockchain technology is something that they have always envisioned will come from the space, despite any second-thoughts or slander they may have received during the wider-media’s ongoing agenda to reliably report on any of Web3’s mishaps. 


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