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June 14th



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What is the Primates NFT Collection?

Primates is a 10k collection on colorful 2D primates on Solana. The Primates is a community focused streetwear brand that hopes to facilitate a seamless adoption of the web3 space through its community fueled ventures and collaborations.


Primates will be focusing on creating and developing their own streetwear brand which is supposed to be unlike the many other cookie cutter merch we have seen with other projects. “Fuck your shitty NFT merch, we’re changin shit up.” is part of their main slogan.

Instead of limiting themselves to shirts and hoodies, they plan on introducing many various accessories including wallets, bongs, figurines, rings, skateboards, glasses, playincards, electric lighters, insulated water bottles, belts, socks, ash trays, + a plethora of other items. Their goal is to target a niche demographic of the streetwear audience, primary under the age of 25.


All primates NFTs will come with full commercial rights for holders. Holders will be given access to exclusive holders only pieces from the Primates collections as well as early access to drops. Having this utility for Primates holders will drive demand for their NFTs from the fashion collectors/resellers who are looking to have higher chances at scoring their favorite pieces. The Primates NFT will basically allow holders to skip the “gas war” when it comes to collecting pieces from the drop with a very limited supply

Primate also plans to integrate Solana Pay into their digital storefront. This will allow investors to connect their wallet and purchase items from directly with SOL using their phantom wallet. 

In addition to Solana Pay, the Primates hopes to create an Amazon store to grow their brand awareness through consumers who would have otherwise never heard about the Primates project by selling a strategic product line of replenishable Primates branded products that are high quality competitors to current offerings on the market . Profits will be siphoned back into product research and development in order to grow their product line and compete in several different product categories. Using Amazing FBA the Primates team will be taking a hands off approach when it comes to order fulfillment, and also this will allow 1 to 2 day shipping times for all US customers. A strategic product line of replenishable Primates branded products that are high quality competitors to current offerings on the market.

The primates also hopes to connect its community both digitally and physically through frequent IRL events exclusive to holders/community members. The events will come in various forms that offer a wide range of experiences such as pop up shops, parties, music festivals, art exhibitions, etc. 


The team behind Primates are not officially doxxed, and there is no information about their IRL identities. Like many other Solana based projects, the team has chosen to keep their information private. The twitter handles as well as each individual’s role within the Primates team are not publicly available at this time.


The Primates have been extremely selective with collaborations, and the only official collaboration that they’ve had to date is with Great Goats and Lunar where they have done a cross-collaboration whitelist giveaways to onboard new investors. They have amassed close to 100,000 engagements on their post with Great Goats (photo provided above for reference).

Marketing / Community

The Primates project is the single most hyped project that will be launching on Solana. It is impressive that the Primates team were able to grow their community in record time, amounting to more than 366k followers un less than a month of creating their Twitter profile. Most of their followers were grown organically through sneak peeks where any interactions with their post were considered for a whitelist allocation. On average, each tweet and sneak peek released by the Great Goats team receive 10,000 or more engagements per post. Most of the success behind Primates seem to stem from great preparation and planning as they have shared more than 35 different sneak peeks to date all with incredibly high engagement rates. 


Bullish case

Looking at other extremely hyped Solana projects, it is likely that the entire Primates collection with a 10k supply will sell out without any issues. Other comparable projects like Just Ape, Great Goats, and Communi3 have all had an incredible amount of hype behind their project and their floor prices ended granting multiple digit gains for early investors. Judging from the NFT market sentiment on the Solana Network, Primates seems to be prone for success.


The main reservations behind the Primates collection launch is with the Solana Network itself. There have been numerous occasions of the Solana Network crashing due to incredible demand causing strain to their network. Each time the Solana Network crashes, the floor prices of NFT collections along with the price of Solana ends up taking a hit so this will be something to keep an eye on during the mint phase. 

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