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In this WGMI Spotlight, we take a deep dive into POP's story, team and marketing strategy. We set out our bullish case and our reservations.

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Mint Details

Mint Date 

(Time TBA)



Mint Price 

Public – 3 ETH 
CPG Holders – 2.25 ETH

Mint Limit 

Public – 1 per wallet | CPG Holders – 2 max

What is POP? 

POP is a utility-based NFT project created by the team behind Crypto Packaged Goods (CPG Club). Similar to the Moonbirds collection, POP will be a token that will grant access to the Crypto Packaged Goods community which is unattainable for many collectors due to its current floor price of 24.42 ETH at writing. The Crypto Packaged Goods Community, CPG Club, is a community that holds 300 key leaders in the web3 consumer space, who assist with product incubations and NFT consultancy, and they once had an ATH floor price of 40 ETH a few weeks prior. 

Story / Background 

The story of POP begins with the Crypto Packaged Goods Project where a dream team of hand-picked mentors from the Web3 consumer industry received a free airdrop of Mentor Pass NFTs. Those mentors were then encouraged to send a member pass to peers or mentees of their choice. Later, another 150 Crypto Packaged Goods Passes were sold to the public for 0.2 ETH on OpenSea, and that collection has a floor price sitting at 24.42 ETH. 

The CPG Community decided to launch a second collection called POP in order to lower the barrier of entry to collectors who wish to join their ecosystem. POP will consist of 2,777 generative ERC-721A NFTs with a full spectrum of rarity as well as unique 1-of-1 editions in its collection.  

“Rooted in the heritage of CPG pop art (from Lichtenstein to Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans), Pop features modern interpretations of nostalgic products utilizing a variety of mediums: risograph, prints, 3D models, GAN imagery, and more.” –CryptoPackagedGoods


  • Access to Pop chats and CPG Incubator
  • Access to Genius Calls, virtual events, and IRL meetups
  • Access to CPG Data Room
  • Token-permissioned access to upcoming drops
  • Daily digests of top Club CPG content and market reports
  • Allow list raffles
  • Access to CPG bots, dashboards, and WalletWatch fees

Utility of CPG Genesis NFTs

  • Eligible for 1 free Pop NFT claim
  • Guaranteed mint of up to 2 additional Pop NFTs at 25% off
  • Can refer 1 friend’s wallet to the Pop allow list
  • Access to existing Genesis chats and CPG Incubator
  • Access to CPG’s first exclusive VIP retreat
  • Speaking & content creation opportunities to provide for Pop members via Genius Calls
  • Token-permissioned access to upcoming drops
  • Daily digests of top Club CPG content and market reports
  • Priority access to allow list raffles
  • Access to CPG bots, dashboards, and WalletWatch feed



After POP mints CPG plans to immediately kickstart their prior mentioned utility and begin their consultancy + scholarship programs. To learn more about these programs click here. Upon minting out of 2,777 pieces at a price of 3 ETH, the team will end up netting 8,331 ETH which equates to more than 16.2 million dollars at the time of writing. The team will use those funds to begin building out the infrastructure for providing the aforementioned utilities.


Both CPG and POP are founded by Chris Cantino and Jaime Schmid.



The artwork behind POP will be done by Stewart Scott-Curran, and the main developer in charge of the smart contract will be Mason



The full list of mentor pass holders who are a part of the Crypto Packaged Goods ecosystem can be found here

Other notable names that are a part of the team include Cozomo de’ Medici (artist) and Rex Woodbury (a venture capital investor). 


The Crypto Packaged Goods team has not been offering any collaborations or partnerships with other projects. All of the marketing and Twitter posts seem to be organic and done in-house, and many holders of the CPG collection are influencers with a large following so that is likely how they have been able to garner such a large following despite the lack of cross-promotions or collaborations with other NFT projects. 

NFTHendrix – Official Anthem for CPG

Marketing / Community

All of the marketing behind Crypto Packaged Goods has been organic. They currently boast more than 198.6k followers on their official Twitter page which is an incredible feat despite not relying on any paid marketing or engagement farming techniques.

The entire NFT community is excited about this drop, and many consider this project to be the second coming of Moonbirds – although that may be a bit of a stretch due to the current turmoil we are seeing in the NFT space and the current market conditions.


Bullish case

The success of an NFT project depends largely on the team, and previous track records are a good way of gauging a team’s ability to deliver on time and their ability to execute with competency. The team behind Crypto Packaged Goods has already proven themselves in the NFT space, and many investors can’t wait for the opportunity to join the exclusive CPG Club ecosystem.



The current market conditions in the NFT space are unfavorable for high mint projects at this time due to the price action of Ethereum, and the current level of fear and uncertainty in the market. The high mint price of 3 ETH may be too much of an investment for many investors and there is a small probability that this collection will be unable to sell out due to the current NFT market sentiment.

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