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Own, Govern, and Drink Your Own Beer Through NFTs – MetaBrewSociety

MetaBrewSociety is a project aiming to leverage Web3 elements such as NFTs and DAOs to facilitate the purchase and overseeing of a physical brewery. In doing so, NFT holders will receive extra perks alongside their DAO decision making powers.

A Munich-based Web3 project called MetaBrewSociety is on a mission to leverage NFTs and a DAO system to create an empire of community-governed breweries. 

The project’s journey begins with the launch of 6,000 ‘beer share certificate’ NFTs (mint date and price TBA). Here, the revenue gained will go towards completing the acquisition of a physical brewery, which will then be controlled by the project’s DAO (i.e. NFT holders), who will make decisions in areas such as brewery method, pricing (to both NFT holders and non-holders), and distribution strategy. The purchase of the physical brewery will also see the project change its name to ‘MetaBrewery’. 

Mint revenue will also go towards purchasing virtual Land plots in the metaverse, which will serve as advertising locations for the project, as well as spaces to set up virtual stores for its beer ranges. It will also be used to facilitate NFT holders receiving (at least) 100 free cans of beer per year, which will come through an airdrop of separate NFTs to allow them to sell any excess cans that they don’t wish to drink. And finally, the revenue will also be used to host an array of other virtual and IRL events and festivals for holders. 

If all goes to plan and there is room to expand further, the project has not ruled out purchasing a second brewery. 


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