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Otherside Launches ‘Litepaper’ In Wake of Successful ‘Tech Demo’

The Otherside has launched its ‘Litepaper’. It comes after it conducted a successful gameplay ‘tech demo’ on Saturday, which involved 4300 ‘Voyager’ participants.

As The Otherside metaverse gets closer and closer to full launch, Yuga Labs have now launched its ‘Litepaper’. 

As per the words of the company, the document serves as a starter guide to the project as it
covers foundational principles of the platform, capabilities of its developers, and possibilities for community co-creation.” 

More specifically, the Litepaper covers eight different areas of the project, including an ‘Introduction,’ as well as Principles, Voyagers and Developers, ODK, Engine, Agora, ApeCoin, and ‘Looking Forward’. 

The recent addition of textual insight into the project comes swiftly after its successful first tech demo (or First Trip), which took place on Saturday. Here, 4300 Otherdeed NFT Landholders (or Voyagers) were able to get a taste of the project’s gameplay for the first time through being prompted to jump into a portal by a huge Bored Ape. On the ‘other side’ of the portal, Voyagers were met with the Biogenic Swamp (a.k.a the centre of The Otherside), ‘The Sphere,’ and a challenge that involved defeating a massive boss Koda. 

The project has since stated that the lead-up to the game’s full launch will involve more such tech demos. 



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