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Okay Bears Airdrops NFTs With Tangible Gold Attached to Them

Solana NFT project Okay Bears is launching its first airdrop which will consist of 10,000 Founders Coins NFTs. Each will come with a gold amount that can be redeemed for crypto or the real asset.

Okay Bears, the popular Solana NFT project whose success initiated a string of copycat collections back in spring, is hosting its first airdrop. To ‘experiment with ways to celebrate achievements and milestones’ with holders, the airdrop will consist of 10,000 ‘Founders Coins’ NFTs attached with a random weight in gold that’s either 0.25, 0.5, 1, 5, or 10 grams. Regarding the assets’ aesthetic, they will each feature hand-drawn artwork inspired by the project’s original collection.

In an industry first, and in Q4 of this year, Founders Coins holders will be able to redeem their NFTs for the respective gold amount attached to them. However, subsequently, the NFT will then be burned. That being said, as the minimum amount of gold that you can receive is 10 grams, those who possess a Founders Coins NFT that is attached with less than the such amount will be able to redeem their NFT for an equivalent cash value that can be paid in either $USDC or $SOL. At the time of writing, the price of gold is $56.87 per gram.

To align with the project’s charitable values, the NFTs will also be embedded with a royalty share dynamic that will see 5% of all Founders Coins sales (within their first eight weeks of activity) be donated to the project’s fund ‘Okay Cares.’ Donations management platform GetChange will primarily organise the fund. However, the Okay Bears community will decide which charities the funds will go to.

Learn more about Founders Coins here. Such a page will be updated as we approach Q4 of 2022.


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