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Nike and Tom Sachs to Give Free Trainers to Owners of Specific NFTs

Holders of Nike-branded digital assets from the Tom Sachs Rocket Factory NFT collection will be eligible to receive a free pair of Nike trainers.

Tom Sachs, the NYC-base contemporary artist behind the branded cartoon rocket NFT collection ‘Rocket Factory’, is giving free trainers to those who hold particular Nike-branded NFTs of his. 

More specifically, Nike has just announced the launch of a new ‘NikeCraft’ trainer range designed by Sachs. To commemorate the launch, the sporting giant will be a sending a free pair to whoever holds one of the Nike-branded Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory NFTs. OpenSea suggests there are 39 of these NFTs in existence, meaning 39 pairs will be up for grabs for free.

The trainer line drops on June 10th, with the NFT holders (who are dubbed the ‘NikeCraft Crew’) having 24 hours to claim their free pair of trainers by linking their wallet to the Rocket Factory website and entering their shoe size and shipping information.

Of course, those who are not part of the exclusive NikeCraft Crew will also be able to pick up a pair, however they’ll have to fork out $110 to do so. 


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