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Mint Details

Mint Date 

July 21



Mint Price 

0.1721 ETH

Mint Limit

3 per wallet

What is NFTEye?

NFT Eye is an all-in-one platform that provides both deep analytics and professional trading suites just like Bloomberg Terminal in Tradfi. In other words, the vision of NFTEye is “To Make NFT Trading More Intelligent ”. NFTEye is put together as a tool to be not as fragmented as other tools in the saturated tool market where it combines all the fragmentation issues of minting, rarity ranking, bluechip analysis, deep analytics, wallet tracking, portfolio management, and other real time trading all into one tool.


Phase 1 

Includes Smart Bidding; bulk bidding / auto bidding / smart bidding strategy editor, Smart Buy; smart alerts / auto buys, Advanced Sniper Features; Advanced Holder Charts / Advanced Sell Wall / Momentum Charts / Advanced Listings Charts / Flips Stats / Full Screen Mode, Trait Floor V2.0, Smart Tracking / Blue Chip tracking, Smart Reveal Management; Instant Reveals / Reveal Alert / Reveal Calendar / Upcoming Drops, Advanced Collection Filters & Sort


NFTEye Chrome Extension; Flash Buy(Quick Buy) / Blue Chip Tracking / Ranking Page / Gas Preset


Phase 2 

Includes NFTEye Web; Bid Manager, Portfolio Management; Portfolio Analyzer / Wallet Profit Calculation / Multi Wallets Portfolio Calculation, Private Node, Contract Minting Bot, Solana Support, Smart Tracking; Alpha Group Tracking / Whale Move / Wallet Tagging, Social Data Insights, AI Price Estimation, UniCart(Marketplace Aggregator), Light UI Mode, ERC-1155 Support, LooksRare Integration, and One Page Brief


NFTEye Chrome Extension; Shopping Cart, Gas Preset, Smart Reveal Management; Instant Reveals / Reveal Alert / Reveal Calendar / Upcoming Drops, Smart Tracking, and Social Data Insights


Mobile App; Collection HUD, Portfolio Management, Dashboard, Smart Tracking, Smart Notification, Daily/Weekly Assets Report



Deep Analytics

  • Bluechip Analytics
  • Hot Mints V2
  • Realtime trending collections 
  • Fundamental analytics with advanced charting
  • Smart Wallet Tracking
  • Smart Alerts
  • NFT Valuation & Price prediction based on ML / Deep Learning
  • Social Signals
  • GameFi / Virtual Land Analytics 



  • Smart Bidding with automated strategies 
  • Smart Buy/Sell with automated strategies
  • Marketplace Aggregator
  • Mint Bots 
  • Realtime multi-wallet portfolio manager
  • Community
  • High quality project collab WL for Pass Holders
  • Collaborative research and alpha hunting



Though the team isn’t very public and consists of big data engineers, AI experts, data scientists, and NFT degens with Mods that push out the updates from the devs in the discord the NFTEye team has raised $1.65M in seed funding early this year, led by @Sky9Capital along with participation from @ImoVentures @NGC_Ventures @smrti_lab & @ofrfund will use the funding from the Seed round to expand the team, grow the user base, enhance our data infrastructure to add multi-chain support and we will also support NFT Game(GameFi), and Virtual World analytics in the future.


Bullish case

NFTEye is a very analytic heavy and number heavy that brings a lot of tools together in one place. Easy navigation throughout the dashboard, it’s an open beta before mint happens to show that it works, UI functionality, and what to expect once it becomes token gated. Will be a lifetime pass which you would not have a subscription to pay. HAving tools all in one place instead of hopping from screen to screen or tool to tool comes with good a functionality and ease of access like an “All in one stop.”


NFT tools are over-saturated in the NFT space which could be good or bad but too much is hard to dictate what are good ones and what aren’t. With Ethereum being so volatile and being a bear market the mint price seems pretty high especially seeing how much they have raised for the project already at the beginning of the year for the project. With NFT Nerds being the king of trading tools aswell at this time will be mainly putting pressure on all tool projects.

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