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NFT Worlds to Build its Own Game in Wake of Mojang’s Blockchain Ban

NFT Worlds has criticised Mojang Studios for its sudden ban of blockchain technology in Minecraft. It will be making its own blockchain-based game based around the fundamentals of Minecraft.

NFT Worlds, the Web3-based gaming developer who formerly added blockchain technology to custom Minecraft servers to allow players to own resources in the game, has bitten back at Mojang Studios for its sudden ban of blockchain technology in the game. 

As per its statement, NFT Worlds claims Mojang’s sudden ban on blockchain technology in Minecraft shows that it has “no regard for creators, builders, and players.” 

On the productivity side of things, the company is now vowing to make its own Minecraft-esque-come-blockchain game, wherein it will have “the core mechanics of Minecraft, but with the modernisation and active development Minecraft has been missing for years.” 

It will also come with a public-facing brand identity that is more user-friendly, performance optimisations, graphical improvements, and new mechanics that will deliver more accessible, ownable, and enjoyable playing experiences.

Additionally, it will be free for all players and will also be backward compatible with existing Minecraft server plugins, meaning content creators will be able to make the switch to the new game with minimal fuss. 

Read more about the new NFT Worlds project via its here.


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