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NFT Billboards Utilized In Next-Gen Marketing Campaigns

Companies begin to use NFT marketing strategies to display advertisements within the metaverse.

As we move closer to mass adoption, the audience for web3 continues to grow and develop. As a result, shifting towards next-gen advertising could be crucial for advancement. Many organizations utilize traditional billboards to attract consumers; however, using NFT billboards could bridge web2 and web3. According to Indeed, the cost of digital billboards ranges from $1200 to $15000 a month. However, NFT billboards can cost up to $500,000 depending on the city and location, as some areas attract more attention than others. 

In partnership with Revise, WeMeta recently unveiled NFT billboards that allow builders and developers to interact and utilize web3 apps and data. Through the collaboration, NFT creators can convert images and marketing campaigns into advertisements, allowing creators to profit by selling ad spaces to brands. Both companies are backed by reputable names within web3 like Polygon, Alliance FAO, and DEFI Pulse, bringing eyes to NFT marketing. 

Monetising billboards in the #metaverse with #DynamicNFTs

Read about our partnership with @WeMetaTweets and the future of advertising for brands and artists.

— Revise – Program Your NFT ‍ (@ReviseNFT) July 22, 2022

NFT-powered billboards display advertisements within metaverses such as Decentraland or The Sandbox. Companies such as WeMeta use solutions like Revise to embed links within advertisements that send users to updated images, metaverses, or web3-related content. By doing so, doors open for NFT marketing campaigns and brand promotion. While NFT marketing is new, it is being developed and picked up by a few industries. As metaverse-related content continues to grow, NFT-based marketing campaigns will bring eyes to web3.


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