The NFT market over the weekend hasn’t shown much change from the previous week showing similar amounts of trade volume. The daily trading volume on OS was down -0.9% yesterday, with slightly more than 10.9 million dollars traded. 

Source: Dune Analytics


The global cryptocurrency market saw a huge dip over the weekend alongside the traditional stock market mostly due to the continued effects of the latest CPI Report. The global cryptocurrency market cap was down by -3.8% yesterday, with a valuation of just over $965.7 billion dollars.

Bitcoin is down by -3.6%, trading at $19,093. Ether is down by -5% and trading at $1,344.

Source: CoinGecko

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Recently Launched and Trending Projects

Simpl3r NFT
Simpl3r NFT 2

Simpl3r: Bounty Hunters (SOL)

Simpl3r: Bounty Hunters is a collection of 8,008 hand-illustrated PFPs of bounty hunters on the Solana network. Bounty Hunter NFTs are backed by which is a game-changer for NFT project launches, creators, and collectors. By owning a bounty holder NFT, investors are able to gain early access to various NFT projects working with Simpl3r, in addition to a whitelist organizer platform, and an upcoming projects calendar so you will be able to know what NFT projects are launching next, and mint with an unfair advantage. Simpl3r also comes with a commit now, pay later function so you never have to miss any mints in the future.
Staking a Bounty Hunter NFT allows investors to earn $Credits, the native tokens for the Simpl3r ecosystem. $Credits can be used to purchase whitelist spots, reduce minting fees, enter competitions, and it also grants access to the Bounty DAO where you can vote on the future direction of the project. Bounty Hunters are dynamic NFTs and there is also an option to customize how your NFTs look through in-game upgrades. Last but not least, Bounty Hunters can earn maximum referral commissions for projects that they bring into Simpli3r. Benefits will continue to grow with Simpl3r as investors will be able to access future utility using the $Credits that they earn.
There was a ton of community FUD as tons of WL and pre-sale roles were given out while making community members complete ten or more tasks, however, the entire supply was given to VIPs while more than 10k whitelisted members were excluded from being able to mint. Most people were limited to minting up to two NFTs but there were users who minted 20 NFTs. Instead of taking responsibility for their blunders, the team ended up blaming Magic Eden for their faults which ended up with most of the community turning their backs on Simpl3r and its team.
Simpl3r is the number one trending collection on Magic Eden with more than 1.6k NFTs sold and more than 11.2k SOL traded in the last 24 hours. The mint price of Simpl3r was 2 SOL and the floor price of the collection sits at 9.19 SOL at the time of writing. The collection began its mint phase on September 16th, and the collection has seen more than 24.1k SOL of total trade volume since its release. 
Supply Count: 8,007
Mint Price: 2 SOL
Current Floor Price: 9.19 SOL
posersnft pfp image


POSers is a 5k collection of fancy pixelated dudes living on the Ethereum blockchain. Each posersnft consists of 24 pixels, and there are a total of four different categories of posers: human, ape, vampire, and alien. POSers are the first on-chain PFP collection launched since the Ethereum Network transitioned from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake according to the team, however, it should be noted that various other NFT collections are claiming to be the first as well including collections such as TheTransition and 
The collection was free-to-mint for the for all blue chip holders, up to two additional NFTs were able to be minted for a price of 0.02 ETH each. For non-blue chip holders, the mint price was 0.05 ETH with up to three transactions per wallet. CryptoPunks was the first proof of work(PoW) NFT collection, and according to its team, posersnft is the first NFT collection after Ethereum changed to proof of stake (PoS). 
The posersnft collection launched on September 15th and stayed relatively under the radar of the NFT community. Just in the last 24 hours, however, the collection has seen a jump from 0.04 ETH all the way up to its current floor price of 0.1 ETH. Posersnft has seen more than 949 ETH traded since its release, and it is the second top trending collection on OpenSea for the day in terms of total trade volume.
Supply Count: 3,000
Mint Price: Free + gas | 0.02 ETH | 0.05 ETH
Current Floor Price: 0.35 ETH


Kumaleon is a free-to-mint collection of 3k NFTs created by artist Okazz experimenting with fusing pop art with generative art, and the collection is heavily influenced by Japanese manga and anime. This gives the Kumaleon collection a unique color palette that is seldom seen in the creative coding space, and the style stands out from its competitors. 

Kumaleon is based on a nameless creature surrounded in generative art, and it first appeared online with Okazz back in 2020. Okazz intertwines gen art with pop illustrations, which culminated in his magnum opus: KUMALEON. The base motif for the character is a bear, whose outer shell changes like a chameleon to different gen art skins.

The Kumleon collection has seen more than 242 ETH traded since its release less than 24 hours ago, and the current floor price of a Kumaleon sits at 0.52 ETH with a total of 2,603 NFTs minted as of yet. Kumaleon is the third highest trending NFT on OpenSea with more than 1,471 sales transactions in the last 24 hours. 

Supply Count: 2,603 of 3,000 minted

Mint Price: free + gas

Current Floor Price: 0.52 ETH





Anybodies PFP image

Anybodies: Tay Keith (SOL)

Anybodies is a collection of 1k NFTs created in collaboration with award-winning music producer and fashion enthusiast, Tay Keith. Anybodies is the leading Web3 apparel brand that collaborates with the top communities, celebrities & brands to harness their IP power in the metaverse by creating unique & immersive shopping, socializing, and product experiences. Combining AR technology, game design, and manufacturing Anybodies intends to create one-of-a-kind products that are available in both physical & digital forms. 

To gain access to IRL Anybodies clothing drops, investors need to own & stake at least one of 3,000 Anybodies NFTs. When buying Anybodies merch investors receive a one-off redeemable NFT of each item purchased. You’ll need to hold the NFT in order to redeem the physical item by selecting your size and delivery details.

Imagine getting backstage tickets to a drake concert OR a free Starbucks coffee by just wearing a hoodie. This sweater uses a combination of NFT, NFC & Blockchain technology to offer true physical to digital experiences, ownership, and utility. Tap the NFC chip in the sweater, connect your wallet & sign the transaction to activate your sweater which will link the physical sweater to your NFT. 

Users will receive push notifications every time a reward can be claimed where they can simply open the app, click “claim reward” and tap the NFC chip in the sweater. Rewards are available to claim for 30 – 120 minutes on a first come first serve basis. By limiting the time to claim a reward, users actually wearing the merchandise at the time of the campaign have the best chance of getting the reward. 

The current floor price of the Anybodies: Tay Keith collection sits at 9.5 SOL, and the collection has seen more than 8.4k SOL traded since its release on September 13th. The collection saw a huge pump in the last 48 hours with much of the NFT community rallying behind the quality of the artwork. Anybodies is one of the top 10 trending projects of the day on sites such as HelloMoon and MagicEden. 

Supply Count: 1,000

Mint Price: 0.3 SOL

Current Floor Price: 9.5 SOL





NexiLabs NFT Image

NexiLabs (SOL)

NexiLabs is a collection of 3,333 Solana NFTs which will integrate an all-in-one DeFi platform where Solana Wallets will be able to connect with each individual’s Discord ID. NexiLabs will have its own built-in Discord Sniper bot, a customized raffle system, and additional rewards for holders. Currently, more than 110 servers are utilizing NexiLabs technology, which in turn grants holders access to a multitude of whitelist and raffle opportunities on various NFT projects. The current floor price of NexiLabs sits at 2 SOL at the time of writing. 

NexiLabs had the biggest pump on Solana in the last 24 hours as the collection saw an increase of more than 34,242% in sales in the last 24 hours of which 973 Nexilabs NFTs have been sold. The collection has also seen more than 2.5k SOL in total volume in the last 24 hours and 9.8k SOL traded since its launch on July 10th, 2022. Much of NexiLab’s recent success is due to the platform’s staking option that went live on September 16th which grants investors SPL tokens that can be used on the Nexi Shop. 

In addition to staking the team also implemented an art upgrade option where investors are able to burn Nexi orbs to upgrade the looks of their PFPs which will grant higher staking rewards as well as access to all the tools that are available within the Nexi platform. The DAO Tools that will be available to holders include a Whale wallet tracker, a daily mint calendar, real-time collection analysis, trending NFT drops, raffles, a floor price checker, an NFT profit calculator, and access to the Nexi wallet which grants users the ability to send SOL, NFTs, and SPL tokens to anyone on the Discord server. 

Supply Count: 3,333

Mint Price: 2 SOL

Current Floor Price: 2 SOL