The daily trading volume on OS was down -5.9% yesterday, with slightly less than 9.9 million dollars traded. 

Source: Dune Analytics


The global cryptocurrency market has been showing negative results from the latest CPI Report on the interest rate hike which is to be expected soon.  The global cryptocurrency market cap was down by -3.2% yesterday, with a valuation of just over $1 trillion dollars.

Bitcoin is down by -1.8%, trading at $19.754. Ether is down by -8% and trading at $1,462.

Source: CoinGecko

Recently Launched and Trending Projects

RENGA PFP Project Info - 1

‘RENGA’ and ‘RENGA Black Box’

RENGA is a 10k illustrated collection of carefully curated, hand-crafted artworks created by digital artist, DirtyRobot, and inspired by the NFT community and his imagination. RENGA is also a brand strategy and design studio from Toronto that partners with different brands to impact the world positively.
RENGA is a collection released by DirtyRobot, also known as Daniel Isles, who is also responsible for a separate NFT collection called The Art of Seasons. The Art of Seasons collection recently pumped alongside RENGA and RENGA Black Box over the last 48 hours as the NFT community has been speculating that these collections are the next potential blue-chip projects that have been under the radar mostly due to the incredible artwork behind each unique PFP, and the number of smart money traders that have been actively buying and shilling these collections by DirtyRobot. 
Both the RENGA Black Box and the RENGA PFP collections have seen more than a 375% increase in the number of sales over the last 24 hours placing RENGA the #1 trending project on OS by volume and RENGA Black Box a close second. Each RENGA Black Box holder can be opened/burned to redeem a special RENGA PFP character. Currently, a little more than 70% of the RENGA Black Boxes have been redeemed for a PFP. The RENGA Black Box floor price currently sits at 2.25 ETH while the RENGA PFP floor price sits at 1.2 ETH. Both of these collections have doubled in floor price over the last three days. RENGA and the RENGA Black Box collections have seen a combined trade volume of more than 8k ETH traded since their release approximately three months prior. 
Supply Count: 10,000
Mint Price: 0.4 ETH
Current Floor Price: 
RENGA Black Box: 2.25 ETH
Anomura Mystery Bowl

Anomura Mystery Bowl

Anomura Mystery Bowl (AMB) is a collection of 3.2k NFTs created by Atari and VH Studio. AMB is a strategy RPG game with retro vibes and the first ocean-positive NFT game. Atari is a world-renowned gaming entertainment company and a wholly owned subsidiary. VH studio is a Web3 gaming company that made its name by creating Zed-Run, which is a popular horse racing game on the Ethereum network where players can win races and breed their digital horse NFTs for real money.
Of the 3,200 total supply from the AMB collection, 2000 NFTs were sold to the public, 200 are being kept for various contests, and 1k is being reserved in the team treasury for future use. The mint price of Anomura Mystery Bowl was 0.075 ETH, and the 2k supply sold out without difficulty on September 13th. AMB has seen more than 629 ETH traded since its launch only three days prior. Anomura Mystery Bowl is currently the fourth-highest trending project on OpenSea in terms of sales volume, and the current floor price of AMB sits at 0.69 ETH. 
The collection has been sitting comfortably around the 0.7 ETH range for the past 24 hours which goes to show the strength of the project and its community. There is currently a lot of speculation that Anomura Mystery Bowl may become one of the top play-to-earn NFT games due to the experience and the IRL connections behind Atari and VH Studio. 
Supply Count: 3,200 (2k minted so far)
Mint Price: 0.075 ETH
Current Floor Price: 0.69 ETH

TruPlay Genesis Rhymeverse

TruePlay Genesis Rhymeverse is a 7k NFT collection (of which 6,651 NFTs have been minted) created by Truplay, a Christian entertainment company that creates transformative mobile games for children. TruPlay Games currently has four games in the process of development, and their feature game is called “Maple & The Forest of Words.”

The story of TruPlay first began with Lightside Games, a company dedicated to bringing God‘s truth to the video gaming space. Lightside had 7 million people play its games worldwide including 25,000 decisions for Christ. The games included Journey of Jesus, the most played Christian game of all time, as well as Stained Glass which was the top Christian game on the App Store for years. Lightside was acquired by TruPlay in 2021. TruPlay is currently upgrading the Lightside portfolio and bringing them into the mobile on the TruPlay platform.

TruPlay Genesis Rhymeverse began its mint phase less than 24 hours ago on September 15th, and it was one of the projects featured in the last WGMI Weekly Upcoming Mints newsletter.  The current floor price of the collection sits at 0.0248 ETH and the collection has seen more than 218 ETH traded since its release. Check out the team’s progress and trailer video of one of the many games that will be released through the TruPlay games platform by visiting this link. 

Supply Count: 7,000 (6,651 NFTs minted)

Mint Price: free + gas

Current Floor Price: 0.0248 ETH




OpenSea: is a collection of 3,003 NFTs, and it is officially the first NFT collection that was released on POS Ethereum. was a free airdrop to those who were on the ‘BloomList’ as well as those who held a Nostalgia KEYs NFT. Nostalgia KEY’s is a separate collection with a 2,723 supply count which launched on January 22nd, 2022. is a story-based lifestyle brand that combines digital and physical goods using traditional Web2 as well as state-of-the-art Web3 technology. Each of the Bloom avatars has been handcrafted with its own expressive identity in order to showcase our personalities in the emerging metaverse as our lives become increasingly digital. Together with its community, the team aims to bring the worlds of high fashion streetwear, pop culture, and NFTs together by exploring the concepts of IP distribution, world-building by focusing on the nostalgia factor created by value and scarcity. 

Bloom is a Stage One of a three-step plan to revolutionize the way we authenticate the veracity of physical objects on the blockchain. Bloom was envisioned by Sheldon Evans and Pedram Ghozat, as the origin story of their serendipitous friendship. The project is owned by the community through licensing rights of each holder’s unique avatar and co-developed with the team’s in-house media company and creative talents. Sheldon Evans has made a name for himself online through his background in digital marketing. Pedram Ghozat is an e-commerce aficionado who has experience working with some of the world’s most successful luxury and fashion brands.

The floor price of sits at 0.35 ETH and the collection has seen more than 194 ETH traded since its launch less than 24 hours ago. The popularity of Bloom is owed to the fact that this project is the first-ever NFT collection on Ethereum PoS which is a significant and historical achievement (both factors with a great amount of potential for massive price pumps according to speculations from the NFT community). 

Supply Count: 3,003

Mint Price: Free Airdrop

Current Floor Price: 0.02 ETH





Wolf Game – Genesis Land

Wolf Game – Genesis Land is a collection of 19,973 pixelated land NFTs that are part of the Sheep and Wolves (Wolf Game) ecosystem. Wolf Game made its mark last year, and it is one of the most successful NFT projects with play-to-earn mechanics of all time where traders were able to make a killing by buying and selling $WOOL and trading their wolf and sheep NFTs.  

The Wolf Game Genesis Lands was minted on November of 2021, but the lands only revealed in the last 48 hours after many months of waiting. Since the reveal phase occurred, many genesis lands with rare traits have been due to speculation of what’s to come. 

Since the reveal occurred, the team announced that the next iteration of Wolf Game would be released in Q4 of 2022. Many OG collectors are extremely hyped for Wolf Game because the first version proved extremely lucrative for those involved, especially if they got in early. 

It is currently unclear what the resources of Genesis Lands will grant to its holders, but many members have begun to speculate that whatever resource a land has will be distributed to holders every 24 hours although this is still yet to be confirmed by the team.

The current floor price of Wolf Game sits at 0.29 ETH, and the Genesis Land collection has seen more than 7.1k ETH traded since its launch approximately ten months ago. The Genesis Land collection’s recent pump is largely due to speculation and the hype surrounding the next iteration of Wolf Game itself. 

Supply Count: 19,973

Mint Price: N/A

Current Floor Price: 0.29 ETH