NFT of the Week: PoSersnft

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PoSers is a 5k collection of fancy pixelated dudes living on the Ethereum blockchain. Each posersnft consists of 24 pixels, and there are a total of four different categories of posers: human, ape, vampire, and alien. POSers are the first on-chain PFP collection launched since the Ethereum Network transitioned from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake according to the team, however, it should be noted that various other NFT collections are claiming to be the first as well including collections such as TheTransition and


Why PoSersnft is our NFT of the Week

The collection was free-to-mint for the for all blue chip holders, up to two additional NFTs were able to be minted for a price of 0.02 ETH each. For non-blue chip holders, the mint price was 0.05 ETH with up to three transactions per wallet. CryptoPunks was the first proof of work(PoW) NFT collection, and according to its team, posersnft is the first NFT collection after Ethereum changed to proof of stake (PoS).

The PoSersnft collection launched on September 15th and stayed relatively under the radar of the NFT community. Just in the last 24 hours, however, the collection has seen a jump from 0.04 ETH all the way up to its current floor price of 0.12 ETH. PoSersnft has seen more than 944 ETH traded since its release, and it is the second top trending collection of the week on OpenSea in terms of total trade volume. PoSersnft is the second most sold NFT collection of the week on OpenSea with more than 11,395 sales in the past seven days.

TL;DR: PoSers is the second most sold NFT collection of the week on OS with more than 11,395 in the past seven days, and more than 944 ETH traded since its release. Unlike other NFT projects PoSers will hold its place in history as it is the first proof of work NFT collection created after the Ethereum Merge which occurred on September 15th.

Posers NFT of the Week - Project Info

PoSersnft in Numbers



free + gas or
0.02 – 0.05 ETH

Mint Price

0.07 ETH

Floor Price 
(Sept 21)

1.1k ETH

Volume Traded
(Sept 21, 2022)


PoSersnft Team

The founder behind PoSersnft (Max) is the co-founder and the project manager for the WhimsySisters collection, a separate collection that launched on May 9th, 2022. The team behind PoSers was formed in late 2020, when the NFT boom was just beginning. According to Max the team never quite had their time to shine in this space, but many nft collections have passed through their hands and tools which is how they developed their own NFT generator. The NFT generator had gone through many tests and turned into a full-fledged program for generating NFT collections and it was first used for the WhimsySisters collection. Additional information surrounding the rest of the team are not made public as of yet, but the same developers and the marketing team behind WhimsySisters seem to be involved with PoSers according to various Medium articles. A photo of the team behind the WhimsySisters collection is shared below as there isn’t any specific information surrounding the PoSers team that is currently available.

PoSers NFT & Whimsy Sisters Team
 Marketing / Community
PoSers have limited their marketing to be extremely organic, and much of the team’s strategy was to involve other blue-chip NFT projects that they respected by invitation which in turn helped to generate interest from the NFT community.
The success of the collection depends not only on the art and utility, but the holders. There are still a few things the holders of the collection can do to help grow the PoSersnft community and its strength according to the founder, Max:

  • share your posers on social media. If you like it – say it!
  • use them as your pfp;
  • participate in Twitter raids;
  • Share the project with your friends or under influencer’s posts (if the post is appropriate for it).

The Discord server for PoSersnft is currently private and it’s only available for holders at this time. Another one of the PoSers’ utility is checking and certification of nft contracts for security and optimization. Holders (1 time per token) can apply to the team with their project and then get a Poser Certificate. Such certificate will be minted as an NFT and the collection will be able to receive the cerficate on the deployer wallet or by an airdrop. By voting among the holders the community review other interesting NFT projects that they would like to get involved with.
No official roadmap has been released yet for PoSers, and it’s more of a aesthetically pleasing historical collection rather than a project that will be continuously developing and evolving over time.
PoSers is the first onchain PFP collection minted onto PoS (proof of stake), a historical achievement that can’t be taken away as it is written directly on the Ethereum blockchain.
The first mint of posers happened immediately after the Merge. The contract code was written so that the mint function opened automatically once the block difficulty became 0.
In fact, the PoSersnft collection became available for minting exactly at the merge to PoS, and the first transaction took place 4 blocks after the merge was complete. The collection Seed appeared in the contract code immediately once the first mint was issued, and all airdrops were revealed only after that mint, turning them into full-fledged NFTs with metadata.
In the case of PoSers, the collection was nothing until the first mint. Without the metadata, these airdropped NFTs were indistinct and interchangeable as their metadata did not exist, they were all identical. The Posers NFTs only came into existence when the metadata arrived on chain after the Ethereum merge in PoS.

Weekly Picks

Anomura Mystery Bowl

Anomura Mystery Bowl NFT Collection - Prereveal
Anomura Mystery Bowl (AMB) is a collection of 3.2k NFTs created by Atari and VH Studio. AMB is a strategy RPG game with retro vibes and the first ocean-positive NFT game. Atari is a world-renowned gaming entertainment company and a wholly owned subsidiary. VH studio is a Web3 gaming company that made its name by creating Zed-Run, which is a popular horse racing game on the Ethereum network where players can win races and breed their digital horse NFTs for real money. Anomura is a play-and-earn strategy RPG featuring innovative blockchain mechanics, beautiful pixel art and contributions to wildlife initiatives.
Of the 3,200 total supply from the AMB collection, 2000 NFTs were sold to the public, 200 are being kept for various contests, and 1k is being reserved in the team treasury for future use. The mint price of Anomura Mystery Bowl was 0.075 ETH, and the 2k supply sold out without difficulty on September 13th. AMB has seen more than 822 ETH traded since its launch only one week prior. Anomura Mystery Bowl is currently the fourth-highest trending project of the week on OpenSea in terms of sales volume, and the current floor price of AMB sits at 0.43 ETH.

There is currently a lot of speculation that Anomura Mystery Bowl may become one of the top play-to-earn RPG game due to the experience and the IRL connections behind both Atari and VH Studio. The collection is still in its pre-reveal phase and the summoning (reveal) phase is scheduled for September 22nd. Anomura takes inspiration from many different games fusing them together to make a truly fun Web3 NFT gaming experience.

Total Supply: 3,200 (2,000 has been minted publicly and the rest of the collection belongs to the team)

Mint Price: 0.075 ETH

Current Floor Price: 0.43 ETH






Multibeasts By The Haasbrothers

Multibeasts NFT Project Info - Photo
Multibeasts is the first digital collection project created by the Haas Brothers’ with a total supply of 4,444 NFTs. These Multibeasts are influenced completely by the minters as their personalities shaped the DNA of each Multibeast. Before minting, each individual was required to take a personality test which will determine the PFP they would receive. The Multibeasts collection is in its pre-reveal phase.
Twins Simon and Nikolai Haas, are world-famous contemporary artists inspired by nature, science fiction, and psychedelia. Their work has been acquired for dozens of collections and showcased at museums including the MET, LACMA, and the Cooper Hewitt. They have collaborated with celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Harry Styles, and they are now bringing their iconic beasts to Web3.

Multibeasts by Haas brother had a mint price of 0.08 ETH and the collection is one of the top five trending collections of the week on OS by trade volume. The current floor price of Multibeasts sits at 0.17 ETH which is more than two times the initial mint price, and the collection has seen more than 482 ETH traded since its release less than 72 hours ago.

Total Supply: 4,444

Mint Price: 0.08 ETH

Current Floor Price: 0.17 ETH





8PES by dvnci

8PES NFT Project Info Photo1
8Pes Project Info Photo 2
8Pes Project Info Photo 3
8PES by Dvinci is a collection of 888 hand-illustrated apes created by digital artist and collaborative AI technologist, Dvinci. He is also responsible for two other NFT collections, @thecannibalsnft & @RealBlueChips. The project has no website or even a Discord server, but it has taken the NFT space by storm due to the collection’s incredible artwork.
The artwork of 8PES is heavily influenced by Japanese anime, which is apparent when looking at the aesthetics behind each PFP. The collection is pleasing to the eyes, and it brings about a feeling of nostalgia yet each ape is incredibly unique and different from others despite being part of the same collection.

The 8PES collection had a mint price of 0.0908 ETH and its current floor price sits at 0.38 ETH. The collection first launched its mint phase less than 48 hours ago, but it has already seen more than 590 ETH traded, and it is one of the top six trending projects of the week on OS by trade volume.

Total Supply: 888

Mint Price: 0.0908 ETH

Current Floor Price: 0.38 ETH

Website: No Website


Discord: No Discord



Upcoming Projects: Bangers


The Bitverse is a universe made up of many games and genres; where gameplay centers around unique characters called Bitverse Heroes which players can customize, improve and use in a myriad of ways. The Bitverse will start with three games: a RPG, a battle royale, and an endless runner but is planned to grow with additional games across genres in the future.
The Presale will be conducted in three separate stages:
Stage 1: Folks with a reservation have an exclusive 24-hour window to purchase their Bitverse Hero Portal before anyone else (Max 1 mint per wallet)
Stage 2: Folks on the Allowlist will have a 24-hour window to purchase Bitverse Hero Portals of their choosing (Max 10 mints per wallet)
Stage 3: Any remaining Bitverse Hero Portals will go up for sale to the general public (no purchase limit)

Total Supply


Launch Date

Reservation: Sept 21 (17:00 UTC)
Allowlist: Sept 22
(17:00 UTC)
Public Sale: Sept 23 (17:00 UTC)

Mint Price

Start Price: $99 USD



Shikigai NFT Project Info
Shikigai NFT Project Info 2
Shikigai NFT Project Info 3


Brand rooted by a community of rebels, outcasts, and creatives rewriting their identities.


Led by a strong team with leading industry experiences in both the arts and tech (Apple, Meta, Google, Linkedin, BTS, 88rising). All content and key visuals were completed in-house.


■ Core story portrayed through Manga (3+ month preproduction with manga studio & well known writer

■ $SKG tokenomics & marketplace – buy/sell/trade traits, WL, NFTs, tool subscriptions, physical merch, and more

■ NFT trait customization – MOD KITS (innovative approach similar mechanics to booster packs)

■ Web2 partners onboarded through brand specific MOD KITS

■ Education & tools to support holders better learn about IP utilization & layered storytelling

Total Supply


Launch Date

Sept 27 (Time is TBA)

Mint Price

0.088 ETH


This Week's Hidden Gem

Hameer's Hideout: Dominus

Hameer's Hideout: Dominus - NFT Project Info

The latest NFT collection from Hameer Hussain (NFT Influencer and creator of Dark Echelon).


  • Get instant access to WL spots of the most hyped and legit Project of the time
  • High quality Project analysis so you can differentiate rug pulls and blue chip projects
  • The best perk of holding HH is CRYPTO SIGNALS/NFT With proper guidance. EXIT PONT ENTRY
  • Launching a staking mechanism through which you can farm “HH Coin”
  • The team will provide great analyzing tools and nodes so can quickly mint over-hyped projects. (SNIPING TOOLS)
  • 24/7 Web security in discord. If you that someone trying to scam you, you can always get a free consultation.
  • For the Sustainability of the project we will launch Dominus series 2 (free for all the holders)
  • Daily WEB 3.0 News

Total Supply


Launch Date

Sept 23 (12:00 UTC)

Mint Price

0.099 ETH