The daily trading volume on OS picked up yesterday as it was up by +19.5% compared to the day before, with slightly more than 12.5 million dollars traded. 

Source: Dune Analytics

NFT Trading Volume


The cryptocurrency market continues to move mostly sideways as the global cryptocurrency market cap was up +2.4% yesterday, with a valuation of just over $1.04 trillion dollars.

Bitcoin is up by +0.7% and trading at $19,918. Ether is up by +5.8% and trading at $1,656.

Source: CoinGecko

Recently Launched and Trending Projects


CryptoSimeji is a free-to-mint collection of 10,000 pixel-style mushroom PFPs. The project is backed and developed by Simeji, a free Japanese input keyboard software company with over 50M downloads, as Simeji is the most popular keyboard app in Japan. The Simeji keyboard app has a ‘skinnable’ keyboard, cute emoticons, emojis, and other cool features, in addition to one of the biggest emoji communities in the world.  For more info, please visit the official Simeji website.
The team’s dedicated staff will hand-pick all figures and artwork of CryptoSimeji to ensure there is no duplicate. Each holder will receive a unique CryptoSimeji PFP with some cute Kaomojis and additional accessories. More info about the artwork will be updated on Twitter, and the current estimated reveal date is 09/09/2022.
CryptoSimeji Official is one of the top two trending collections of the day on OpenSea, with more than 1,938 sales in the last 24 hours.  The price of CryptoSimeji NFTs has been steadily increasing since the team announced their first ever English AMA which is scheduled for 9:00 am EST on September 7th. 
The current floor price of CryptoSimeji sits at 0.3 ETH and the collection has seen more than 1.7k ETH in trade volume since its launch on August 30th. Baidu Venture, the company responsible for CryptoSimeji has raised more than $700 million USD through the Simeji app so the NFT community is speculating big moves from the team in the near future as they focus on AI technology and its application.
Supply Count: 10,000
Mint Price: Free + gas
Current Floor Price: 0.3 ETH
Anonymous Cactus Club

Anonymous Cactus Club

Anonymous Cactus Club is an experimental free-to-mint collection of 3k pixelated cactus PFPs created by a team of four undoxxed members. The team consists of a Web3 expert, a web designer, a market director, and a hacker. The Anonymous Cactus Club is running a behavioural social assessment in the Web3 space where “trust and loyalty of the community will be tested.”
The project is trying to determine if curiosity and speculation are good or bad in the NFT space as there is little to no project information available. There is no Discord server, or CC0 information, nor any roadmap or utility that has been announced. Instead, the project asks several questions to the community, including:
What is the reason for the team’s anonymity? What is the impact of the community’s dedication and trust? What will become the project’s utility? When will all of this information be revealed? No one knows the answers to any of these questions yet, but the team promises that all answers will be revealed in due time. 
The floor price of the Anonymous Cactus Club collection has been holding strong for the past two days at 0.35 ETH where it currently sits. The collection has seen more than 395 ETH worth of trade volume since its launch less than 48 hours ago. 
Supply Count: 3,000
Mint Price: Free + gas
Current Floor Price: 0.35 ETH
Discord: No Discord
CryptoNinja Partners

CryptoNinja Partners

‘CryptoNinja Partners’ an anime-based NFT collection of 22,222 NFTs, and it is the second collection created by the team behind ‘CryptoNinja.’ The team’s genesis collection called ‘CryptoNinja NFT’ has a total of 33 items, and the floor price sits at 88 ETH at the time of writing. The CryptoNinja is the largest DAO in Japan, and holding a CryptoNinja Partners NFT acts as an access pass into the CryptoNinja DAO community.  

The CryptoNinja Partners collection sold out within just 2 hours of launching, and they had an incredibly generous mint price of only 0.001 ETH with no max cap. Hence, those who were whitelisted could mint as many NFTs as they wanted. It is important to note that this collection has a higher royalty fee than other collections, as it is set at 10%. 

The main reason for the collection’s recent pump is because the team announced they will be rewarding investors who buys three or more CNP during the month of August will receive a WL for their next collection that is scheduled to be released sometime in November. 

The current floor price of this collection is sitting at an incredible .67 ETH, which is more than 670 times the initial mint price. Crypto Ninja and their various collections represents the strength of the Japanese NFT community. Most of the team’s tweets and announcements are written in Japanese, but this hasn’t stopped the collection from flourishing. 

Supply Count: 22,222

Mint Price: 0.001 ETH

Current Floor Price: 0.67 ETH





Non-Financial Advisors

Non-Financial Advisors is a free-to-mint collection of 5,555 hand-illustrated MEME and cult-based NFTs with unique artwork. 

NFA has an ambitions vision of using metaverse and blockchain technology to create a unique gaming experience on their native Rektland Island. 

Rektland will be an immersive environment in which players can interact and shape each other’s experience. 

The team already has a game demo that is available for use, so there is a chance that this project will change from its current degenerate state into a real play with conviction in the future although it is still early to be certain. 

The NFA collection has seen more than 3,755 secondary sales on OS in the last 24 hours, and the  floor price of the collection sits at 0.17 ETH at the time of writing. 

Supply Count: 5,555

Mint Price: Free + gas

Current Floor Price: 0.02 ETH





y00ts NFT


Y00ts is a 15k collection of Solana NFTs created by the Degods team. Degods is one of the most successful Solana projects of all time with a floor price of 777 SOL at the time of writing.

The price to mint a y00ts NFT was 375 $DUST for those who were on the y00t whitelist. Y00ts was an extremely hyped project that launched through the Magic Eden launchpad earlier today. 

The project came with its own set of drama when many whitelisted members ran into smart contract issues and were unable to mint. This issue brought forth a plethora of FUD on the community’s Discord server, but the collection still sold out without any difficulties.

The collection has seen more than 149k SOL worth of trade volume since its launch less than 24 hours ago, and the project still has an incredible amount of momentum going for it despite the initial smart contract issues. 

The current floor price of y00ts sits at 150 SOL at the time of writing which is worth slightly more than $4,700 USD. 

Supply Count: 15,000

Mint Price: 375 $DUST

Current Floor Price: 150 SOL