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February 9, 2023
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Here’s what we’ll be talking about today:

  • Best 4 AI tools for researching and studying (that aren’t ChatGPT)
  • How to make a website look professional with AI
  • Quickfire headlines you might have missed



Best 4 AI Study Tools

Students are starting to discover how AI study tools can be used to boost grades, learn more efficiently, write quicker, and retain more information in a fraction of the time.
These tools are so effective that it is causing major controversy and disruption at all levels of the education system.
Whatever your opinion, they aren’t going away. Those that learn how to use them will outperform their peers and competitors in almost all walks of life.
Here are 4 AI study tools that every student should know about.

Caktus: A hub of study tools

Caktus is a hub of various tools that are already being used by over 800,000 students. Here are some of Caktus’ best tools:

  • Essay writer: This tool is shockingly good. Simply tell Caktus what you need to write an essay on, and it will spit out a comprehensive essay with all the relevant citations.
  • Book summarizer: Enter the name of any book, and Caktus will summarize it in front of your very eyes.
  • Class absence excuses: For those of you with a questionable moral compass, you can even get Caktus to think of an excuse for missing your class or being late.


Perplexity: Summarize tricky topics

Perplexity is a powerful AI tool that condenses difficult topics and questions into a neat 4-5 sentence summary. It provides all its sources so you can do further reading, and you can even ask further questions to dig into the specifics.

Consensus: Find data points for your essays

If you write a lot of essays, you will know the importance of finding evidence and data points (often from research studies) to back up your arguments. You will also know that finding this data can be time-consuming to the extreme. Consensus is your solution.
Simply type in the point you are trying to make, and Consensus will show you what research studies say about it.

Glasp: A highlighter for your computer

This tool is one of my particular favorites. It’s called Glasp, and it lets you highlight and take notes of anything you read online. Those notes are all saved in one place, so you can easily revisit and search your notes.

It’s also a social app, so other people can see your notes. You can also follow other smart people to see what they’re reading and thinking.

These tools are a game-changer for students. If you’re interested in learning more about these tools, then check out the full article. We share two bonus tools that will save you hundreds of hours researching, and show you how to avoid triggering ChatGPT and plagiarism detection tools.


How to make a website look professional with AI

With tools like Wix and EditorX, It’s never been easier to make a decent-looking website. But taking the website to the next level with professional design assets can cost thousands of dollars. Until our good friend AI came along.

Now you can use generative AI tools to create beautiful designs and persuasive copy that make your website pop. Here’s how. 

Create a centerpiece graphic with Midjourney

You can use Midjourney to create highly professional images to feature as the centerpiece graphic of your website. If you don’t know how to use Midjourney, this article has got you covered.  

Let’s say we want to create a website for a copywriting services business. A colorful ink explosion could be effective imagery that symbolizes creative and powerful copywriting. Here’s Midjourney’s response when I use the prompt:

“imagine/ Epic colorful ink explosion, black background, photo realistic, 4k”

In Midjourney, you can then take the browser link for this image, and use it in another prompt. Here are the results when we combine this ink explosion image with other prompts.
Prompt: “Imagine/ [Browser Link] website landing page for a professional copywriting business, black background, design, ux/ui, ux, ui –ar 3:2 –v 4 –q 2”

Make a logo with Midjourney

Every professional website needs a professional logo, and Midjourney can whip one up for you in minutes.

Prompt: “Imagine/ Cector graphic logo of pencil, black and white, simple, minimal, by Rob Janoff –no realistic photo details”

Write persuasive website copy with ChatGPT

To make sure your website converts visitors into customers, you’ll need some effective sales copy. Use ChatGPT and other copywriting tools like Copy.ai and Writesonic to write persuasive copy that highlights the unique benefits of your product or service.  

Put it all together in Wix

So, we’ve just used AI tools to create a landing page layout, a beautiful centerpiece graphic, a logo, and website content.
Now, we just need to put all of these assets together using Wix or EditorX. They are easy-to-use platforms that enable you to create websites using drag-and-drop tools.


Creating the graphics featured in this article would usually cost hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars from an artist or designer. Now, anyone can create them with a little bit of imagination.
Make sure you check out the full article for a detailed breakdown of how to complete each step.


Today’s edition is brought to you by RFOX VALT

RFOX VALT is a virtual reality platform that is exploring the intersection between the Metaverse, AI, and NFTs. RFOX gives people the option to buy VR apartments as NFTs that can be tailored to their specific needs and preferences. Apartments are available for purchase from Feb 8th through the official website.
AI integrations play a central role in the apartments, allowing users to create unique textures and objects to personalize their apartments by using text or voice prompts.
To learn more about RFOX VALT, you can read the full article or visit the RFOX Twitter page.


Quickfire Headlines



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