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February 23, 2023
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  • How to use ChatGPT to learn 10x faster 🧠
  • How to make a logo with Midjourney 🧑‍🎨
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Learn 10x Faster With ChatGPT

Research consistently proves that the highest achievers love learning. For example, CEOs read around 60 books per year. By exposing yourself to the thoughts and lessons from the world’s greatest minds, you will be better equipped to make quicker, better decisions.

Now, ChatGPT can help you learn quicker and more effectively. Here are a few prompts that will save you hundreds of hours every year when learning about new topics.

Book Summaries

Prompt: “Write a 400-word, value-packed, bullet-point, actionable book summary of the book ‘Atomic Habits’”

If there is a particular point in the book summary that you would like to learn more about, ask ChatGPT to expand or to give examples.
Prompt: “Provide an example of “Using habit stacking to create new habits by pairing them with existing ones”.”
Reading a book is easy. Putting the lessons into action is a lot more challenging. We can use ChatGPT to help us incorporate the lessons from the books we read into our everyday life.
Prompt: “How can I incorporate the lessons from this book into my daily life to make it more practical and useful? Provide a to-do list for the next week.”

Test Your Knowledge With A Quiz

Frequent tests boost learning. That’s science. It’s why almost every academic system in the world includes an element of testing. You can use ChatGPT to test your knowledge on the things you learn.
Prompt: “Create a quiz with 10 multiple choice questions on the book ‘Contagious: Why Things Catch On’. DO NOT PROVIDE THE ANSWERS.”

Generate Discussion Points

Discussing topics with your peers has been shown to improve retention. When you read a new book or learn about a new topic, you can ask ChatGPT to generate discussion points that you can talk about with your friends, colleagues and peers.
Prompt: “Create 5 discussion points from the book ‘Prisoners of Geography’ by Tim Marshall”

Bonus Tip: Generate Social Media Content

Reading books and learning about new topics can be a great source of ideas for social media content. To speed up the process, we can ask ChatGPT to generate the content for us.
Prompt: “Write 5 tweets based on the lessons and ideas based on the book ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’ by Daniel Kahneman. Make them actionable tips and tricks that my followers can use immediately to improve their lives.”

If you are finding these useful, there are three bonus prompts in our full article that will help you understand any complex topic and turn your chaotic notes into useful summaries.
ChatGPT is helping millions of people become more efficient and use their time more productively. Learning is just one of the areas in which ChatGPT can help us save hundreds of hours every year.
If you want to take your ChatGPT prompts to the next level, then you’ll love our article on advanced prompt engineering.


How to Make a Logo With Midjourney

Midjourney is a generative AI art tool that enables anyone to create a high-quality, professional logo. For many businesses, it is quickly becoming a genuine alternative to spending thousands of dollars hiring graphic designers.
Those with a sense of entrepreneurialism are even making thousands of dollars per month using Midjourney to create and sell logos on freelance marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork.
Here are some prompts you can copy and paste to make a professional logo for your business or clients today.

Brand / Pictorial Marks

A brand / pictorial mark is a symbol or icon that represents a real-world object and reflects a brand’s identity and/or what the company does. For example, Twitter’s logo is a bird and Target’s logo is, well, a target.
Here are some prompts to create beautiful pictorial marks using Midjourney.
Prompt: Vector graphic logo of frog, simple minimal, by Rob Janoff –no realistic photo details

Prompt: Vector graphic logo of panda, simple minimal –no realistic photo details

Emblem Logos

Emblem logos are crests that promote traditional values. Schools, government agencies, sports clubs and the auto industry tend to use emblems because they communicate traditions and high standards. Starbucks, Harley Davidson and BMW all use emblem logos.
Prompt: Emblem for a college rowing team, simple minimal –no shading detail ornamentation realistic color

Abstract Logos

An abstract logo uses a non-recognizable image, custom-made for a brand to represent its uniqueness. Pepsi, Adidas and Nike each have iconic abstract logos.
The challenge here is to avoid being too abstract. If a logo is too abstract, then it will not be meaningful nor memorable. Here’s a Midjourney prompt to design a stunning abstract logo.
Prompt: Flat geometric vector graphic logo of geometric flower, radial repeating, simple minimal, by Ivan Chermayeff


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