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January 26, 2023
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  • Be more decisive and spend less time making decisions with this AI tool
  • How to make money selling AI art (step-by-step guide)
  • Top 5 AI tools for copywriters (or anyone that wants to write 10x faster)

How to be more decisive using this AI tool

Studies show that adults make around 35,000 decisions every day, and we spend over two hours deliberating over them. That means we spend a month of every year making decisions. Indecisive people are likely to spend even longer.  

There is a huge opportunity to increase our productivity by reducing the time it takes to make decisions.

Rationale is a tool that uses AI to help people be more decisive and make quicker, better decisions. It helps users make tough decisions by generating a list of pros and cons, or a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis.

Within minutes, it highlights all the things you should consider to make a swift, well-informed decision. Here are some examples of how you can use Rationale to be more decisive in your day-to-day life.

Big life questions

Tough decisions at work

You can find more examples of how this tool can help you make decisions in our full article.

The beauty of this tool is that you can create a profile to get more personalized results. The more it knows about you, the more tailored the analysis is to your particular wants and needs.

As the technology improves, it is easy to see how AI tools may one day become our trusted consultants and close confidants.


How to make money selling AI art

This article breaks down how to use AI tools to create unique, high-quality images that you can make money with.
You don’t need any artistic skills or experience. Just a computer and an internet connection. Soon you’ll be able to generate images like these with only a prompt and a few clicks…

By setting up your own shop selling posters and canvases, you can easily make $10k a month selling AI art. Here’s a quick summary of the step-by-step guide to building your AI art empire. 

Step 1: Decide your target audience and/or niche

To sell art, you’re going to need to find a passionate group of buyers that are willing to spend money on their hobbies. Alternatively, you will need to find a trending art niche that people are actively looking to buy.

You can use ChatGPT to help you brainstorm. Here are some ideas that ChatGPT came up with for expensive hobbies and trending art niches.

Expensive hobbies

  • Motorcycle enthusiasts
  • Gamers
  • Amateur astronomers

Trending art niche

  • Sci-Fi art
  • Lowbrow art
  • Cyberpunk art

Step 2: Use Midjourney to create high-quality art

After deciding your niche, you can use Midjourney (an AI art generator) to create unique art that will sell like hot cakes. Here’s how to get started.

Join the Midjourney Discord: You can access the Midjourney tools on their Discord.

Enter the “/imagine” prompt: In one of the “newbie” channels, type “/imagine”. You will then be able to write a prompt. Midjourney will take your prompt and turn it into a high-quality art piece. Here are the images we get when we use the prompt “cyberpunk art for motorcycle enthusiasts”.

Bonus tip: This full article shows you exactly how to layer different styles and images to create truly unique art.

Step 3: Create a print-on-demand product

An effective way to sell art is as a product. We can use our art to make posters, canvases, t-shirts, stickers, and much more.

Using print-on-demand services, you can now make products with zero risk and start-up costs. They print the product when a customer makes an order, and send it directly to the customer on your behalf.

Choose a print-on-demand provider: Printful, Printify, and Zazzle are good starting points.

Choose a product: Choose a product that makes sense for your niche and target audience. For example, if you are targeting motorcyclists or gym enthusiasts, then a t-shirt makes sense. If you are targeting gamers, then make posters or canvases they can hang in their gaming room.

Step 4: Set up an online store

To sell your products online, you’ll need to set up an online store. To do this, you can set up your own e-commerce website using Shopify.

For beginners, a much easier option is to create a shop on Etsy. There are many great resources and tutorials on how to set up an Etsy store.

Now it’s up to you

The cost of creating high-quality art has never been so low. Hiring an artist to create just one of these images would easily cost more than $100. AI tools like Midjourney enable entrepreneurs to create high-quality art for next to nothing.


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Best 5 tools for copywriters

Do you spend any time during your week writing emails, essays, blogs, ads, or any type of content? Then AI copywriting tools could be saving you more than five hours every single week.

There are lots of tools out there, and the best one for you depends on how you will use it most. Here are the tools you should be using for specific tasks:

📧 Writing emails: Copy.ai is a content generator that can help you write premium email responses and catchy subject lines in seconds.

📢 Creating ads: Adcreative.ai is a platform for quickly making creatives such as text, headlines, messaging, and images to include in your ads.

📃 Long content like blogs and essays: Jasper is a Chrome extension that helps you conquer writer’s block by brainstorming and structuring blogs, reports, and essays.

🔎 SEO copywriting: Writesonic is an AI writer that specializes in creating SEO-optimized content for blogs, landing pages, and ads.

📦 E-commerce / Amazon businesses: Copymonkey is an AI tool that helps e-commerce businesses optimize their Amazon listings and product descriptions.

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