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February 2, 2023
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Here’s what we’ll be talking about today:

  •     Unlock the full potential of ChatGPT with these advanced prompt engineering tips
  •     4 shockingly powerful AI tools that will make you highly productive
  •     Quick-fire AI headlines you might have missed


Unlock ChatGPT’s Potential: Advanced Prompt Engineering

To remain competitive in this new world, there is simply no option but to learn how to master ChatGPT and other AI tools.
Here are 5 tips and tricks that will take you from a ChatGPT beginner to an advanced AI Prompt Engineer.

1. Give ChatGPT an identity

In the “real” world, when you seek advice, you look for experts in that field. You go to a trained investment specialist for financial advice. You wouldn’t ask a management consultant for the best way to treat the weird rash on your leg.
Treat ChatGPT in the exact same way. Whenever you are seeking advice or ideas, give ChatGPT the appropriate identity with the following prompts:

  • You want ChatGPT to write sales copy: “You are a professional copywriter. You have been providing copywriting services to businesses for 20 years. You specialize in writing copy for businesses in the finance sector.”
  • You want career advice: “You are a professional career advisor. You have been helping young men (20-30) find their dream jobs for 20 years.”

You can see examples of this tactic in action (and how effective it is) in the full article.

2. Define your objective

When ChatGPT knows what you want, its advice is much more catered to your needs. Simply tell ChatGPT what you are trying to achieve, and it will tailor its responses accordingly. Be as specific as possible about what your objective is.

3. Add constraints to your prompt

You can guide ChatGPT’s output by providing more details about what its answer should or should not be. Constraints help ChatGPT to understand what you are looking for and avoid irrelevant outputs. Here are some examples:

  • Specify the length of the response: “Generate a 200-word summary of this news article.”
  • Specify the format of the response: “Generate a table of keywords for a blog relating to gardening. Include “Example of article titles” and “target audience” as columns.”

4. Give ChatGPT a structure to follow

 In copywriting and storytelling, there are tricks of the trade that all writers use to create persuasive and/or engaging content. Take advantage of this by asking ChatGPT to use these proven methods when completing a task.

  • Writing a story: A good story usually follows a particular formula that involves conflict, character development, and a resolution. A former Pixar storyboard artist shared Pixar’s award-winning story formula, and you can use it as a prompt in ChatGPT.

5. Refine the output through conversation

The beauty of ChatGPT is that it remembers the whole conversation within each chat. You can ask follow-up questions to dial down into a specific answer. Here are a bunch of useful follow-up prompts you can use to refine your ChatGPT answers:

🔢 Add relevant emojis as bullet points (this is the prompt I used for this list)
📊 Format this answer as a table
💼 Make this more formal/informal
🗿 Write this from the perspective of [a politician / a dog / someone living in Ancient Rome]
🧒 Explain this like I’m 5 years old
😜 Add some sarcastic humor to this
💬 Summarize this into a tweet (280 characters or less)
📝 Put this into an actionable list

If you are finding these tips useful, there are an additional 2 bonus tips in the full article (together with examples).

Those that master how to use ChatGPT will have a powerful advantage over their competitors in every walk of life. Take five minutes today to use these prompts, and you will see for yourself how to unlock another level of productivity with ChatGPT.



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4 AI Tools That Will Make You Highly Productive

If you can find a way of becoming highly productive, then you can multiply your output to stand out from your colleagues and/or generate more business. Alternatively, you can use your new-found time to see your family and friends, hit the gym, read a book, or learn a new skill.
The recent explosion of ChatGPT has given us a glimpse of how we can use AI tools to multiply our productivity. Well, here are 4 more AI tools that will turn you into a highly productive human being.

1. Rewind: A search engine for your life

Rewind is a shockingly powerful AI tool that records everything you do, see, say, or hear on your computer.
According to a recent study, employees spend 3.6 hours each day searching for info. Well, Rewind records the entire usage of your computer (in a way that safely stores your data), so you can easily search and find what you are looking for.

2. Ipso: Schedule meetings 100x faster

Ipso.ai is an AI tool that promises to make us more productive by reducing the time it takes to schedule our meetings.
An experimental study at ETH Zurich revealed that it takes 26 to 30 minutes to schedule a business meeting between 6 to 8 people.
Ipso is an AI assistant that analyzes and manages calendars to help us schedule meetings in a fraction of the time.

3. Noty: Taking action after meetings

We spend a lot of time in meetings. Most employees spend up to 33% of their workweek in them. Zoom fatigue means we often lose focus, take ineffective notes, and forget what others (and we) have promised to do.
Noty plans to solve that by taking accurate transcriptions and high-quality summaries of all our meetings. Noty’s meeting notes allow us to easily search the meeting minutes and assign action points to every member of our team.

4. ChatGPT Chrome Extension

If you have already discovered the wonder of ChatGPT, then this Chrome Extension will blow your mind.
It adds ChatGPT as a popup window on your favorite search engine (i.e. Google) and displays ChatGPT’s answer alongside Google’s results.

In our full article, you’ll find two more AI tools that will (1) become your personal note-taking assistant, and (2) save you tons of time making decisions.


Quick-Fire AI Headlines

  • ChatGPT introduces a subscription plan, ChatGPT Plus. It’s available for $20 per month and promises access during peak times, faster responses, and new features.
  • Google is creating a ChatGPT competitor. The AI war begins…
  • The co-founders of Instagram are building an AI-driven news app: Artifact. You can join the Waitlist here.
  • If you fancy yourself as an AI artist or developer, Fiverr has introduced a dedicated ‘AI Services‘ category.
  •  Architects are starting to embrace AI tools (like the AI art generator Midjourney).

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