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Mint Details

Mint Date 

10 AUG



Mint Price 

WL: 1.88 SOL

Public 2.5 SOL

What is Nekozuma?

Nekozuma is a collection of 5,555 NFTs on the Solana blockchain. The collection serves to be a rising force against the anime meta of collections with undoxxed teams, and is therefore “backed by the team at Nubbies NFT and Karmic Labs”. 

Nekozuma means lightning cats in Japanese (Neko = cats – Inazuma = lightning). Its story centers around 3 eras of cats living in different timelines, the past, present and future. In each timeline, there are 3 deities. They are said to be all powerful and will protect the world of Nekos. However, at every junction in time, there is always darkness that is waiting to overthrow the good. Each timeline has its own arch nemesis. This means that there will be a total of 4 godly Nekos from each timeline, making a total of 12 godly Nekos. The godly Nekos will be “fully animated”. 

Nekozuma is an Azuki inspired art project. The art in its ‘sneak peek’ section could almost be identified as a straight up Azuki derivative, but instead of humans, the characters are cats. Nekozuma was also inspired by the movie Doctor Strange, where cats have different versions in different timelines. Looking at all of the information provided on Nekozuma so far, it appears that this is going to be a storytelling project with a strong focus on lore. A long description of Nekozums lore can be read in its Discord server.


The roadmap is divided into two sections. First, the project vision. Second, the roadmap. 

Project Vision 

  • Bring a fresh new way of community led brand to the Solana ecosystem by incorporating factions and teams into the community
  • Build and show proof of a fashion brand prior to mint
  • Utilize our Web 2 connections to further bring new people into the Web 3 space
  • Share amazing artwork done by our talented artist to the Solana NFT fam 
  • Vibe with like-minded individuals who are passionate about the NFT space



Phase 1 – Pre mint

  • Community building
  • Twitter growth
  • Discord growth
  • Website development 
  • Artwork finishing touches
  • Lore framework
  • Voting of faction leaders

 Phase 2 – Post mint: 

  • Art reveal I
  • IRL Merch claim
  • Factions established 
  • Merch creation vote by each faction 
  • Community wallet established 
  • Staking platform deployed 
  • Get together events where possible 

Phase 3

  • Open for community to suggest and build 
  • Future drops? 
  • More Merch 
  • Launchpad for talented community members



This project has put an emphasis on the importance of being fully doxxed and the team claims that they are fully doxxed. However, the majority of links under the ‘team information’ section in the Discord server guides us to Twitter pages. It’s subjective, but Twitter isn’t necessarily considered to be doxxing. Links to socials such as LinkedIn would be more appropriate to qualify fully doxxed. Nonetheless, let’s meet the core team. 


Founder – Jetlauncher

Jet is doxxed through his Instagram and the Nekozuma website claims that Jetlauncher is the “CEO and founder of multiple companies”, two of them being Creatus Solution and Cobalt bbk. He is also the founder of Nubbies, which is a 999 supply collection with 89.1k Twitter followers. 


Developer – Suptoshi

Suptoshi is a Solidity developer and he/she is the founder of Karmic Labs. Suptoshi has been involved in the Web3 space for almost 9 years now, “6 of which he’s spent developing blockchain solutions”.


Artist – Victoria

Victoria, AKA Articvic is an Indonesian-based artist and designer. The website states that she is a “witch holding a tablet pen wand”, she is said to create wonders as she continues to hone her magic. 


Artist – Ericargent31113

This artist will be helping with the graphic, arts and all the things that are related to colors. He has a background in architecture, visual art and design.


Admin – Kerridwenn

Kerridwen is a chartered accountant and has been in the NFT space for several months. She is an admin or a moderator in several other servers, some being Nubbies, Antebellum GamesRiceDay and Galactium.


There are several other members of the team in either a collaboration manager or community manager role. All information can be found under the team section on its website. 



Bullish case

Nekozuma has managed to amass a following of 33.7k on Twitter despite the current bearish market sentiment. This could indicate that there is a community who are excited for the project. The founder, Jet, is also proven to be successful in Web3 as well as Web2. 

Anime as an artstyle once was very popular and well received by the market. Perhaps there are still some lingering anime fans during this bear market who will be drawn to mint this project.  


There are several reservations for this project. The team claim that they are fully doxxed, however, Twitter links do not really count as being fully doxxed. Apart from the project founder, the other team members do not appear to have any credentials and stated experience that would suggest that they have the ability to execute. In addition, despite there being a decent following on Twitter, engagement levels are very low (unless a giveaway). This indicates that not many people are excited or interested in the project. The art is also mediocre and it is very similar to Azuki. The anime narrative has passed and there have not been many anime artstyle projects experiencing success recently. The final concern is the external market climate. The majority of projects that are minting in this period are failing, and this one is likely to follow suit.

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