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NBAxNFT Launch ‘The Association’ NFTs With Dynamic Traits Linked to the Playoffs

The NBA’s NFT arm, NBAxNFT, launched ’The Association’ NFT collection today. The NFTs are free to mint, with collectors only having to pay gas fees.

The NBA’s NFT arm, NBAxNFT, is making its Playoff NFT ambitions a reality, as today it launches ’The Association’ NFT collection.

The collection’s 18,000 assets will be comprised of 75 NFT cards for each of the players who play for the 16 participating teams. Each card will have a set of dynamic traits which change in accordance with a player’s real-life performances, with changes being triggered when a player makes a certain number of successful dunks, blocks, three-pointers, rebounds or assists. The art attached to such NFTs (such as player image, frame, and background) will also change in line with the performance of the player’s team. 

For now, it seems the NFTs will be limited to such cosmetic changes, and will not have any gamified utilities. 

The ‘allow list’ blind mint for the Association NFTs went live today at at 12pm ET, with the NFT art to be revealed on Friday. Incredibly, the NFTs will be free to mint, with collectors only having to pay Ethereum gas fees.

For those wondering what relationship NBAxNFT will have with NBA Top Shot, the project announced that it will be reserving NFTs for holders of NBA Top Shot NFTs.



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