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Mint Details

Mint Date + Price

May 25th

Beanlist: 0.1 ETH (2x mint per wallet) 3:00 PM EST

Public Premint raffle (2x mint per wallet) 3:00 AM EST

Public: 0.12 ETH (2x mint per wallet) 3:00 PM EST

Reveal is on 5/28 12:00 PM EST



What is Mr Bean x FOMO Lab?

A British cultural icon, Mr Bean, blessed television screens in the 90s with beloved actor Rowan Atkinson’s ridiculous humor helping the character become a household name. Due to its popularity, an animated series was created in 2002 that followed the unfortunate hero on his daily adventures, always to hilarious results. The project is being brought to us by Dubai based crypto experts, FOMO Lab, specialists in bringing intellectual properties into The Metaverse. They have previously collaborated with the likes of Tyson Fury and world class music producer, Pvlace, to launch exclusive NFT collections. Mr Bean x Fomo Lab will consist of 3,333 NFTs, inspired by the cartoon with the promise of exclusive Mr Bean related perks for holders. Rowan Atkinson has given the project his seal of approval, stating “I think that this is a great idea. Any initiative which not only draws attention to but actually enables access to the fabulous artwork associated with the Mr Bean Animation series, I welcome with open arms’”.


The Mr Bean genesis collection is a landmark event for the Mr Bean brand and with that, it wants to celebrate by awarding the community with exclusive perks and utility that won’t be available anywhere else.

Phase 1

3,333 Mr Bean NFTs will be released for mint on the ETH network.


Phase 2

All holders will be entered into a prize raffle for a chance to win:

  • An Exclusive Physical sketch from the lead illustrator signed by Rowan Atkinson.
  • 10 limited digital editions of the above sketch.
  • A chance to win $5,000.


Phase 3

Holders will be added into an additional prize raffles including:

  • A chance to win official Mr Bean merchandise.
  • 20 holders will win a physical collector’s edition of their NFT.
  • 100 holders will win a physical print of their NFT.

Phase 4

Exclusive 3D avatars for The Metaverse.

All holders will receive an airdrop containing exclusive wearables for the Mr Bean x FOMO Lab Metaverse.


Phase 5

More information to be announced on future benefits.


Bringing us the Mr Bean genesis collection is the team at FOMO lab, who have vast experience in releasing NFTs in partnership with some of the most famous individuals and brands across the world.

Founder and CEO – Pixasso

Experienced in business development, partnerships, revenue generation and wealth management, Pixasso has been in the crypto space for 5 years now.

Founder and CTO – Zen0x

Bringing wealth of experience in blockchain and the crypto market, Zen0x is the architect and creator of the FOMO lab Metaverse, the FomoVERSE in which Mr Bean’s collection will reside.

Founder and CBO – Khalil 

Having built businesses from the ground up in industries such as hospitality, fintech, blockchain, digital assets and Crypto, Khalil now focuses on the blockchain and NFT space.

Founder and CFO – BlankSea

BlankSea has invested in over 30 startups and helped companies achieve over 100M in revenue, this former Angel Investor is an expert in finance and growth strategies.


Bullish case

Mr Bean is certainly a cultural icon, especially in Britain. However, his popularity does stretch further across the globe. Taking that into consideration, this project is a perfect tribute to the animated series and its tokens will no doubt be a desirable collectable for lovers of the show, especially when considering the exclusive rewards available.. The community does seem engaged with a size of over 80K when combining Twitter and Discord.  The project has also collaborated with some influential figures in the space which will have  raised awareness and grown levels of hype. Just as important, is the team behind the project. Having successfully launched NFT collections with famous brands prior, they do have history in the space.


Ultimately, unless you are a fan of Mr Bean, there is unlikely to be much benefit in jumping into this project. While the artstyle is a perfect replication of the show and the roadmap offers the chance to win great prizes, it’s more so for those that will get emotional value from it. It’s hard to imagine that there will be much profit to be made from a quick flip, especially under current market conditions where projects with far more hype have seen floor prices drop to unexpected levels. In conclusion, if you love Mr Bean, then by all means, there will be an appeal to join this exclusive community. Outside of that, this project is most likely to be one that just exists in its own happy space. One for the collector rather than the trader.  

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