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Most Desired Skills In Web3 And How To Land A Job With Them

The bear market has slowed down trading and flipping NFTs, but there are still many ways to make money in Web3.

During a bear market, NFT investors are looking for ways to make money since trading has grown increasingly harder. There are several ways individuals can earn an income within Web3, however, a lot of them require in-demand skills. By learning critical skills that are uncommon yet needed, you are setting yourself up for success since you are way ahead of the average investor within the space. Here are some of the most desired skills within Web3.

1. Solidity Development

A Solidity developer utilizes Solidity, Ethereums’ native language, to create and deploy smart contracts on Ethereum-based applications. Smart contract development is an in-demand skill since project development teams are looking for people to execute flawless contracts for purposes such as minting or staking. Most successful developers with a proven track record can offer and receive work by speaking with founders. Approach a team by opening a ticket on Discord, reaching out on Twitter, or even emailing the team and offering your services. There are also on-chain marketplaces such as Roo Troop that help people find work. Solidity developers are also needed outside of NFTs. The skill can be utilized in the broader crypto space in areas such as DeFi.

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2. Community Building

Every project needs a strong, dedicated community to push it towards success. To create a positive brand focused on what is being built, each project needs community builders who align with the collections’ ambitions. Most upcoming collections’ are looking for mods committed to growing and cultivating the collections community. Reach out to project teams and enquire about any available mod roles. Having experience is always a bonus, however, the majority of teams will look to employ from within by offering mod roles to valued members of their communities. There are several ways that mods can be compensated. Some teams pay their mods with allowlist spots, others pay in ETH or stablecoins, while some even offer both. It’s better to work for a team with a proven track record since it’s more likely to be a safe role and a positive moderating experience.

Every crypto/NFT trader should also study:

1. Technical analysis
2. Stock trading
3. Options trading
4. Solidity development
5. JavaScript development
6. DeFi
7. Community building

You’re not a “builder” unless you also master these skills

Happy to send out links if needed

— NFT God (@NFT_GOD) July 31, 2022

3. Web Designer

Collections are always looking for a website developer who can create and deploy a flawless site that educates and caters to the community and the NFT space. Projects typically release sneak peeks, mint details, and the website around the same time, meaning that a clean and efficient site is crucial to the collections’ success. The website is the face of the project, and the level of the site often aids in dictating the project’s future. Developers use HTML, a coding language, to create headings, links, paragraphs, and more. Website designers use the code to develop the front end of the website, and sometimes even menus and live imagery, adding to the website’s appeal. Similar to a modding role, website designers can reach out to teams through social media platforms, email addresses, or even on-chain marketplaces such as Roo Troop. Developers are often compensated through direct payment, whitelist spots, and even tokens from the collection itself since it’s an in-demand job and few have the desired skill.

Here’s a list of personal desirable skills I will teach myself at some point in web3.

-More knowledge of Defi Protocols
-Yield Farming
-Solidity/Python Cryptography
-LP Management
-Coin short/long strategies
-Master Trends & Indicators in chart analysis

What’re your goals?

— kbruh.eth (@kbruh_eth) August 2, 2022


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