Moonbirds Moves ‘In-Chain’

November 25, 2022
Most NFT projects have a function called tokenURI that links to a server where the metadata (including the NFT’s artwork) is hosted.
That means the NFT’s image is not actually stored on-chain, but on a different server. For some OG crypto communities, that is a big no-no. If the image-hosting server goes down then the art could be lost forever. If the art is stored on-chain, then it can be fully accessed by anyone eternally with only an Ethereum client.
With this in mind, Moonbirds is moving on-chain. Although not the first project to store its artwork on-chain (CryptoPunks and CyberBrokers are stored on-chain, for example), it is adding a new innovative twist.
While CryptoPunks stores the full image on-chain, Moonbirds uses a Rendering Contract to recreate the image for each Moonbird within the blockchain. This is why Moonbirds is using the term ‘in-chain’, rather than ‘on-chain’.
A Moonbird is made up of several features and traits (e.g. background, eyes, beak). The Rendering Contract assembles these features to create the image via a bitmap.
This approach has a number of cool advantages:

  • Moonbirds can store dynamic traits and backgrounds. That means holders could ‘upgrade’ their Moonbird (with a new background or feature) by completing a particular action. For example, Moonbirds who also hold a PROOF Collective NFT in their wallet will receive a new gradient background (pictured above).

  • The project can provide holders with new looks, backgrounds, and features as rewards for nesting or attending certain events. All on-chain.

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