Memeland: What’s Still to Come?

October 10, 2022

Memeland, the parent company behind The Potatoz, is by the global content platform 9GAG and it is the gift that keeps on giving. If you’re unsure what Memeland is, then please read my comprehensive guide titled “WTF is Memeland?” According to a recent Tweet, there is still a lot in Memeland’s pipeline. Supposedly coming this week are prize draws, the stage 4 reveal, a new website, MVP staking and a town hall. However, we’re still waiting for confirmation.

Memeland’s development has unfolded in stages. In stage 2, Memeland’s art showcased dancing Potatoz and in stage 3, Memeland showcased muscular Potatoz. What’s in store for stage 4 still remains a mystery, but there is no doubt that Memeland will continue to embrace its meme-culture, pull out surprises and make us laugh.  

Back in stage 2, Memeland indicated that four prize draws would consist of something special, including a free year of McDonald’s food. Memeland stuck to its words and released a Free McDonlad’s for 1 Year NFT token. This is just one of the many prizes that Memeland is raffling off.  

Whether you find what Memeland is doing funny or not, it cannot be argued that the majority of people do. Currently, The Potatoz sits at a solid floor price of 1.333 ETH during the bear market. What’s even more impressive is the fact that only 0.8% of tokens are listed, meaning that its community is long term bullish. 

Given how popular meme-culture is on the internet, as well as the caliber of the team behind Memeland, it has all of the ingredients needed to make a very successful project. Be sure to keep an eye out for the stage 4 reveal to stay up to date. 

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