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Mint Details

Mint Date 

0.09 ETH for Juklist (Presale) May 28 10:00 AM EST

0.12 ETH for Public sale May 27 10:00 PM EST

Final public: May 28 4:00 PM EST



Mint Price 

Juklist: 0.09 ETH 


Public: 0.12 ETH

What is Lost in Jukiverse?

Created in 2010 by Indonesian artist, Faza Meonk, Si Juki is a popular comic character from the nation that has evolved into other forms of media including: webtoons, mobile games, an animated series and has also been adapted into a movie. In fact, Juki is so popular in Indonesia that he has appeared in over 50 bestselling books alongside famous characters, including superfamous sea sponge, SpongeBob SquarePants. 

Lost in Jukiverse will be the second collection from Faza Meonk who’s original collection of 110 Juki cosplays currently sit on OpenSea at a floor price of 0.43 ETH. Jukiverse X, a derivative of Jukiverse, created by 34 Indonesian artists also appears on OpenSea with a floor of 0.28 (at the time of writing).

This project will consist of 3,456 Juki’s, of which 50 will be legendary, hand drawn by Faza himself. There will be more than 750 traits and we will see Juki in a range of styles such as cyberpunk, pixel, and supernatural. 


Aiming to develop the Juki brand on Web2 and Web3, Lost in Jukiverse will be a space for the community to collaborate and share ideas for the IP. The roadmap is as follows:

Jukiverse Exhibition
A real and virtual showcase of the Jukiverse art.
Lost in Jukiverse Animation Airdrop
Airdrops containing unique frames will be rewarded to holders.
Jukiverse NFT Comin Collection
Comics with storylines chosen by the community.
Jukiverse Exclusive Toys
Customizable, real work, Juki toys.

Jukiverse NFT game
A game where the community can fight together to win prizes.
Jukiverse Lounge and Gallery
A creative space where the community can gather and share ideas.

Beyond Jukiverse
No details have been provided on the final stage of the roadmap.



Lost in Jukiverse, is an Indonesian based team, consisting of individuals that appear to be well versed in the NFT space. 

Creator/Founder – Faza Meonk

Faza is the creator of the Juki brand and has seen it grow to huge levels of success. Now bringing the third Juki project to the NFT space, he will lead this one, being the most ambitious yet.


Producer – Yahya M

As an established artist himself, Yahya M will assist Faza and contribute with the skills he brings as a storyteller.


Producer – Peter Cung

Peter has prior experience in the space as producer at NFT launchpad, Gaspack and NFT artist collective, Monday Art Club. He is also a prominent creator within the Metaverse of Decentraland. 


Marketing Lead – Dwika Putra

Taking charge of the project’s marketing is Dwika, an Indonesian based entrepreneur. As well as his responsibilities with Lost in Jukiverse, he is also founder of Cici Dim Sum and One Kreativerse.


Community Lead – Rhadiska

Rhadiska is a digital artist and founder of the Indonesian NFT artist community, Monday Art Club. His primary role for the project will be Head of Community.


Collab Manager – Ojorb

Ensuring the project is aligned with the best and most suitable brands, Ojorb is an NFT enthusiast who is also involved with The Golden Owl  and NFT trading community, A-List.

Creative Studio – Pionicon

Specialists in creating engaging stories through cartoons, Pionicon will assist with the creative aspects of the project. 


Web3 Enabler –

Gaspack is an Indonesian business launchpad and service provider that helps creators, artists and brands launch and scale within Web3. 


Bullish case

Being an already established IP, Lost in Jukiverse already feels like it’s a step or two ahead in the space and considering that it comes off the back of two relatively well received, smaller projects, there is fair reason to be excited for this one. 

The artwork is stylish and faithful to the original, understandably so given the fact that the creator is leading the project. Also, when we consider that legendary tokens will have been hand drawn by Faza himself, there is real appeal and value to be had, as there is genuine potential to own a collectors item.

Lastly, if you are a fan of the brand, the roadmap will no doubt be something to look forward to with the offer of Juki based benefits, and a space where other like-minded fans can come together and play a real role in shaping the future of the project. Given its huge success in Indonesia and the smaller supply of just 3,456, it’s very possible that the project will sell although it remains to be seen if the floor will hold value in the long term.


The main concern for Lost in Jukiverse, is purely the long term value in the project. While the art is undeniably unique, it remains to be seen how things will play out after mint. If you are a fan of the brand then, without question, there is reason to get in and stay in – given the fact that it’s clearly a project for the die-hards, it’s possible trade volume could be minimal. On the other hand, as a trader, it’s likely that there may not be any issue selling on the secondary market due to the limited supply. Much will depend on the still to be revealed mint price. Fans of Juki will no doubt want to mint if they can, however, for the rest of us it may be best to take a wait and see approach.

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