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Mint Details

Mint Date 

Stage #1 Public Fair Dutch Auction – June 14th, 10:00 AM EST (24 hours)

Stage #2 Private Sale – June 15th, 10:00 am EST (24 hours).

Stage #3
Public Sale – June 16th, 11:00 am EST to June 17th, 11:00 am EST (24 hours).




Mint Price 

Stage #1 Dutch Auction – 1.5 ETH – 0.25 ETH (3 per transaction with no max limit)

Stage #2 Private Sale – 50% of the lowest Dutch Auction Price

Stage #3 Public Sale – Lowest price from the Dutch Auction


What is LonelyPop?

LonelyPop is a collection of 10,000 NFTs which is a collaboration between Noinah and 0xStudio. LonelyPop is an extremely detailed hand-drawn collection that is a unique combination of anime and cutesy digital art. 


“LonelyPop, founded by Noinah and 0xStudio, is an NFT collection and community centered around the artistic expression of loneliness and the idea that we can all be #lonelytogether. LonelyPop is the flagship project of Noinah and 0xstudio, and the culmination of struggles with loneliness, strengths & weaknesses, and passion for art all brought into one collective work of art.”

Lonelypop aims to convey the individual and collective human experience through detail in its art components. The hope is that if a picture is worth a thousand words, the LonelyPop NFTs represent a thousand feelings. The collection believes in the importance of mental health and hopes to advocate for mental health in a meaningful way. Last but not least, LonelyPop is a community-focused NFT project that welcomes everyone o come together in unity regardless of background. They hope to build an online society that is welcoming, friendly, and uplifting which will then hopefully impact the world around us. 


Stage One – Build a Community

The first step in the LonelyPop Roadmap is to build a project where people can be #lonelytogether. With Noinah’s art and the capability of 0xStudio they will develop a community where people across the Web3 space can gather together and call their home. 


Stage Two – Building a Brand 

Following mint, the team plans to build LonelyPop into a lifestyle brand. They have already secured collaborations that will push the project into a position where they can jumpstart LonelyPop as a Web2 brand while thriving in Web3 simultaneously. More details will be shared by the team in the near future.


Stage Three – Long-Term Future Plans

For the foreseeable future, LonelyPop wants to make a difference in this world by not only emerging as a brand but also as a platform that provides support to elevate the mental health of people wherever possible. They are looking into various efforts, which could range from donations to relevant foundations, conducting meaningful IRL events and activities, setting up a social enterprise with specific target markets to address mental health, and more. In the long-term, the team hopes for LonelyPop to become more than just an NFT collection, but instead a community that is able to spread its good deeds throughout the world. 



LonelyPop is a team effort, but the lead artist and visionary is Noinah. As both an artist and a founder, this project represents his dreams of making the world a better place through the use of art. Noinah is working directly with 0xStudio, which is an artist-first Web3-as-a-Service (WaaS) company and a Web3 brand incubator. Listed below are each team member, their roles and their available social media links. 

Noinah – Art and Creative Lead. Founder and creator of LonelyPop.

Noinah is a Thai illustrator with a multi-decade career in art. He is an introverted ponderer who loves to explore and convey the emotion behind loneliness and quietness via art. Drawing has been the gateway for him to speak more with the outside world, as he tends to be a mere shy and quiet individual. Over time, with growing responsibilities and the business in life, Noinah became stronger but lost touch with his true self. He found it purposeless and hollow. Discovering the NFT space has helped him to revisit his true self and has driven him to speak the unspoken stories of his life and the world around him. Up until now, he has mainly released his work on Foundation. Now, LonelyPop is the project through which he has chosen to fully express his heart and convey everything in his mind for the world to enjoy and engage with.


REI – Operations. Overall Project Management. Ex-MIT. Art connoisseur.

Radiosolac – Business. CEO of 0xStudio. Xoogler. Wannabe art collector

PussyCat – Tech. Full-Stack Developer. Ex-MANGA. Cat lover

Soup – Community Management, Builder, Brand strategist. Web3.

Delta – DeFi Fund Manager. Father of two.

MadPug – Tech. Veteran Developer. Ex-MANGA. Otaku.

EVO – Social architect, Consultant, Volunteer at heart. 

Uyuaya – Senior UX/UI Designer. Ex-Start-Up exp. Traveler. Pekingese lover.

Bubble tea – Product Design. Head of Product. Ex-MBB, Bubble tea aficionado. 


Bullish case

LonelyPop is an extremely hyped project that has been marketed for several months. This project is a direct collaboration between the artist and 0xStudio who has become known as one of the leaders in the NFT/Web3 space. 0xStudio is directly responsible for the success of many other high-profile projects such as Dreamy, Yokee, UglyPeople, 3Landers and Uncertainty Principles where they provided both in-depth tech services as well as project advisory roles. It is very likely that traders can expect a good flipping opportunity for this collection thanks to the competency of 0xStudio as well as the current hype that’s surrounding the LonelyPop project.


The trading volume on OS, and the overall state of the NFT market are currently in a bear cycle so it is uncertain how well the LonelyPop project will do during its mint phases. Many collections including many free-to-mint projects have had difficulty selling out in recent days, and the NFT community is usually not in favor of the Dutch Auction process. The high starting price of 1.5 ETH for the public dutch auction phase may be a bit high for many investors, especially during this time when there is much fear and uncertainty.

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