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May 31



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What is Local Weather? 

Local Weather is a mind and body hydration beverage. It is a ‘sports’ drink created for today’s version of performance. Everything in the traditional “sports drink” category felt outdated to the team. The team consistently sees a focus on traditional and typical sports which all contain a high amount of sugar and other nasty ingredients. 

Local Weather was started because the team wanted healthier drinks that could benefit human movement and performance, including our mental performance. They found that there are a lot of great ingredients out there that can help with both physical and mental performance, and there are ways to make this category more accessible and sustainable, for example by using aluminum. The team claim to be “actual humans using their bodies and minds in actual ways, evolving the performance drinks category into the 21st century”.

The team’s goal is to create something that first and foremost tastes absolutely delicious, but secondly is healthier and better designed for what we actually need. The project boasts 109.1k followers on Twitter and 7,635 on Instagram.


Local Weather does not have an announced roadmap as of yet. However, the website does give us a ‘Local Weather NFT Forecast’ which shows a “peak at what we can expect”. They explain that Local Weather will be a utility based profile picture project that will serve as a membership to the Local Weather exclusive community. Each unique NFT will hold the power to open rare experiences, access and perks solely for Local Weather holders.


First Case Is Yours
Each NFT holder will be the first in the world to receive a free case of Local Weather’s performance drinks, including the 4 core flavors, plus a limited edition 5th flavor (US only).

Unbox Your Perks 
Local Weather boxes will contain access codes to unlock additional perks. One box will contain a rare 1/1 golden ticket.


Get Ready For Game Time 
Holders will be able to enter raffles for tickets to and access to exclusive experiences at Russell Wilson’s and other athletes’ games.


Rare Russell & Friends Collectibles 
Holders will have opportunities to win rare signed Russell Wilson and other awesome friends’ merch and memorabilia.


Unlock Your Potential 
Opportunities for private Zoom sessions with Russell Wilson, AJ Vaynerchuk, and other surprise guests.


Your Collection, Your Voice 
Voting rights on future flavors, merch, charitable giveback programs and more.


Exclusive Community Events 
The family is global, but the party’s local. We will be giving holders access to in-person and virtual Local Weather events & parties.


Private Discord Family 
Holders get access to private Discord channels where we will hold giveaways and share alpha there first.


Local Weathers team is stacked and made up of Russell Wilson, AJ Vaynerchuk, and H+S Labs who all bring a unique background and perspective to the table – athletics, mind and creative performance, and a desire for something better. Their universal goal is to change an archaic category, and we believe the more brains the better.


Co-Founder – Russel Wilson

Russell Wilson is a Super Bowl-winning quarterback, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author. He has been named to nine Pro Bowls and was honored with the prestigious Walter Payton May of the Year Award in 2021, recognizing his longstanding commitment to giving back.

Throughout his career, and especially in his youth, he found that the high-sugar and artificial sports drinks we all know prevented him from achieving his best. As a professional athlete and father, he truly believes we owe it to the next generation to provide a better option that suits their performance needs and speaks to their creative pursuits. He is extremely passionate about developing Local Weather with the rest of the team in order to start a new conversation and change the dialogue around sports hydration forever. Russel has bragging rights of 5.6 million followers on Twitter.


Co-Founder – AJ Vaynerchuk 

AJ Vaynerchuk is the co-founder and co-CEO of VaynerSports where he oversees the company’s operations and sets the organization’s vision and direction. Prior to leading VaynerSports, AJ co-founded VaynerMedia in 2009 at age 22 with his brother Gary. AJ served as COO of the social media-first digital agency and helped grow the company to $100M in annual revenue, expanded the agency’s footprint globally and built a team of more than 1,000 employees. 

AJ is also a partner at VaynerFund, a venture capital fund focused on investing in Web 3.0 technology and NFT’s. He currently is an active NFT investor personally holding VeeFriends, Cryptopunks, BAYC and more. 

Being involved in the sports world, he always wanted a better-for-you sports drink as well – and to simultaneously create a space for everyone to express different opinions and creativity. The Vaynerchuk’s have always felt the main goal with Local Weather is to center around a community in order to craft something everyone needs, desires and loves. AJ boasts upwards of 100k followers on Twitter and it must be mentioned that AJ is the brother of Garyvee.


Co-Founder – H+S Labs 

H+S Labs is a subsidiary of NYC based design agency, Harper+Scott. Harper+Scott has been the premier design and manufacturing agency for companies such as Tim Hortons, In-N-Out, Carnival Cruise Line, Popeyes and Sephora. Seeing a need to develop mindful, better-for-you brands utilizing responsible supply chains, H+S Labs launched to respond to this need. Harper+Scott is proud to be in the .01% of all companies in the US certified as B Corporation, meaning everything created will be developed with transparency, environmental impact, and sustainability in mind. 

The first better-for-you brand they wanted to tackle was in the sports drink category. The team is composed of extremely varied backgrounds as well – most partaking in non-traditional sports, which further fueled the desire for something more modern and relevant in the sports drink industry.


Bullish case

Local Weather certainly is doing something unique and innovative in the NFT space. They are combining a real life product with Web3 technology. Their vision of creating a healthier alternative to current sports drinks is something that the entire human population could benefit from. Because of this, there is no reason why it could not do well. 

The powerhouse team behind Local Weather is also very stacked and well connected. There is no doubt that the founding members absolutely have the funds, resources, connections, network and capabilities to execute on something big. With AJ being Gary Vee’s brother, the sky’s the limit. 



So far, it is too early to state many potential concerns. Speculatively, a reservation could be that the market may not be mature enough for something this unique in the NFT space. In addition, not everyone is as health conscious as they should be. Many people will eat and drink unhealthy food and beverages knowing that it isn’t good for them. As long as Local Weather can target the correct audience, this shouldn’t be a problem. Referring back to the founding team, it is unlikely that Local Weather will face any issue that is unsolvable. Never fade on a Gary Vee shill.

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